Sunday, May 13, 2012

" 4 All My Fly Kick Rockerz "

Ever since my son was born twenty months ago my impulsive sneaker buying has been put on the back burner somewhat..I would rather cop kicks for him so he can shine on these other little rascals roaming around (YA HEARD ME)...

These ill Obyo Kazuki/Ian Brown Adidas joints might force big poppa to come out of semi-retirement....

I'm not a fan of the Stone Roses, but I might have to add these to the stash..


"Adidas ObyO has collaborated with Ian Brown, front man of the classic English rock band, The Stone Roses for their latest ZX runner release. Manchester’s King Monkey joins the ObyO crew, co-creating these mostly black adidas ObyO ZX IAN’s. The trainer has IAN’s name displayed right next to the 3 side stripes, where you would traditionally find Adidas branding. IAN’s name and face is also posted on the tongue of the shoe".


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BIG D O said...

these are indeed tuff..