Monday, May 7, 2012

" Hip Hop Holiday Steez "

This past weekend Mr. Funk What Ya Heard, Sha Boogie, & myself spun at the first Art Walk of the year in the lovely city of Oakland, California....Tons of people were wilding in the streets, beautiful ladies were in the house, the weather was gorgeous, and we most definitely kept the Hip Hop pumping at loud decibels..

The following day we trooped out to the "Hip Hop In the Park" jam in Berkley for some Cinco De Mayo morale....I gotta be honest ya'll, I heard a lot of wack bars flying off the stage....I'm talking ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GOOFBALL BARS..

Some of you cats need to put the motherfuckin microphones down, and pick up some type of Hip Hop manual or something..It's o.k. to be a fan...Everyone doesn't have to rhyme..

Anyway, big up to my dudes for holding down our area : Kufu, Reef, Planet, Sha, GL, Fooderz, Prize, etc..I will post up pics sometime this week..

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