Tuesday, May 8, 2012

" Mugshot Music : Preloaded "

Finally the long wait is over and we have Showbiz & A.G's "Preloaded" on our hands...If this is just the warm up for "Mugshot Music", these Bronx Bombers might have the album of the year up their sleeves...

Hip Hop is far from dead - FUCK WHAT YA HEARD....

2012 has already been a huge year for quality music, and now with the addition of "Preloaded" the stakes just got higher (even if you already heard half of these tracks, HAHA)..Enough of all my rambling, scoop this up with a quickness if you know what's best for you...


01. "DJ Premier's Road Test"
02. "That Nigga Crazy"
03. "Wolves" (Ft. OC)
04. "Here & Now"
05. "I Just Go Along"
06. "God is 4 Us"
07. "Berri Love" (Ft. OC)
08. "Walk With Me"
09. "You in Trouble" (Ft. DJ Premier)
10. "My Imagination"
11. "Show & A"
12. "South Bronx Shit" (Ft. DJ Premier)
13. "Experience"
14. "Suspended Animation"
15. "The Bond"



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Donaleski said...

In the heat fo the moment things get hot! Berri indeed, show n A showin rel shit, probably a lotta unreleased shit but still pumpin! Dras u tha nigga always representin thats whats up, keep representin ma G. Its alll berri...