Saturday, June 30, 2012

" Saturday Night Live "

If you haven't seen the documentary about the "Kashmere" High School funk band , I highly suggest that you track it down...

It's a crying shame that people are unaware of how funky these cats were/are....

I'm talking about top notch musicianship, crazy percussion, and the horn section will make you lose your god damn mind...


1. Kashmere Stage Band - Boss City (3:40)
2. Kashmere Stage Band - Burning Spear (3:20)
3. Kashmere Stage Band - Take Five (3:44)
4. Kashmere Stage Band - Super Bad (1:47)
5. Kashmere Stage Band - Keep Doing It (3:04)
6. Kashmere Stage Band - Thunder Soul (3:23)
7. Kashmere Stage Band - Do You Dig It, Man? (3:54)
8. Kashmere Stage Band - Headwiggle (4:18)
9. Kashmere Stage Band - Al's Thing (5:23)
10. Kashmere Stage Band - Do Your Thing (4:39)
11. Kashmere Stage Band - Scorpio (5:01)
12. Kashmere Stage Band - All Praises (6:37)
13. Kashmere Stage Band - Shaft (5:04)
14. Kashmere Stage Band - Kashmere (4:57)
15. Kashmere Stage Band - $$ Kash Register $$ (4:28)
16. Kashmere Stage Band - Zero Point - Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (45 Version) (5:36)
17. Kashmere Stage Band - Getting It Out Of My System (4:13)


And while your at it, here is the trailer for "Thunder Soul".....DONT SLEEP..

" Hardcore Hip Hop Will Never Die "

Out of all the cuts on the Dope Folks mix that I posted up awhile back, the Wizard of Rap "Escape From New York" remix is the winner for me..

Only 100 pieces were originally pressed up - so it's understandable if you never heard the song when it initially dropped in the late 80's...Yeah, dude sounds like Rakim in his prime, but it's damn near impossible to front on this song if your a fellow hardcore Hip Hop enthusiast..

And the insane cuts by J-Swift make me wonder if this duo recorded anymore material around that time period....

Damn, this has been on repeat nonstop on the BATTLEFIELD....

" Scaramanga Steez : The Jabbar El E.P. "

I'm not going to mention names, but a couple dudes out there straight up bit Scaramanga's whole shit....Not just the patterns either..

I'm talking about theft of his whole angle..

You can't fool advanced Hip Hop listeners so knock that shit off and get your own lane together...

Anyway, Scaramanga's "Jabbar-El E.P." is an extremely rare release that slipped past many peoples radar..It's so obscure that some cats are paying over a hundred dollars for the CD on Ebay...


But since your a dedicated HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD reader you get a special gift today trooper..


1 Intro
2 Beast Klipz
3 Fiendish
4 Realism
5 Intro
6 Its Nothin
8 Makin It Happen
9 Outro


Friday, June 29, 2012

" H.N.I.C 3 Shots "

You know times are getting crazy when Prodigy collabs with T.I., Wiz Khalifa, and Willie Taylor of Diddy's cornball boy band, Day 26...

Regardless of the awkward features on HNIC 3, I decided to give it some burn late last night (the official release date is not until July 3rd HAHAHAH) to see what's really good....

Here are HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD'S top picks homeboy...

"Slept On" produced by Alchemist...

"G-Up" produced by Oh No...

"Without Rhyme or Reason"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

" Mayhem Lauren : Respect The Fly Shit "

95% of the time I give a project a thorough listening session before I post it up because you never know these days (YA HEARD ME)...

But I have a good feeling about this Mayhem Lauren shit, so I'm going to let it fly without scanning it first...


" Golden State Warriors, Part 5 "


My blog has been hacked recently and I think I have pinpointed who is behind this new age weirdo shit (I SEE YOU)...

If you searched for my blog and a page pops up that says "HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD has been removed", don't trip.....I'm not going anywhere, just remain patient until all this fuckery gets sorted out...

Now that I got that out of the way, I gotta give big props to Kevin Beacham (5th Element) for this interview with Devastating from the FUNKYTOWN PROS.....

Quit stalling and check in..


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

" 4 All My Collectors "

* I had to repost a few things since they somehow vanished off of my blog...Either someone is hacking my shit or Blogger is slipping..Either way thanks for the comments for Battlefield Breaks ya'll (all of those got lost in shuffle as well)..

Anyway, my dude out in DC (Big Matts) hipped me to a spot that is out of control when it comes to vintage collection pieces..."Otto's Bodega" out in NYC is straight up HOLDING...

Yo MTV Raps Watches, an insane amount of Starter gear joints, Gucci Sweaters, discontinued kicks, and all types of other shit that will send you into a tailspin....


And when you head over there, tell him that the grimy dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you trooper..


" Milano : The Constantine Tape "

This collection of Milano firepower will help give your morning a power boost...I'm quite sure all of the BATTLEFIELD readers already know how this DITC affiliate gets down, so I don't even have to tell you what time it is..

But if your not knowing : Hardcore Manhattan street parables is the Modus Operandi....


" Supreme Wreckage On Deck : Battlefield Breaks "


Today is my bornday so I decided to put together a nice break mix for you cats to rock (It's a celebration motherfuckers HAHA)..

I already splashed ya'll with raw remixes (Strictly Weapons & Remix Weaponry)..Then I hit you over the head with grimy top shotta wreck (Every Posse Get Flat), so I thought it was only right that I dig in some of my dustiest crates to provide a dangerous explosion of break beat action...

These aren't your average "run of the mill" breaks that you have heard a million times..What I did was incorporate some of my own productions in the mix to keep things interesting and unpredictable...

Anyway, big up to everyone that scopes out the BATTLEFIELD on the regular, major shout out to the Get Biz Kidz, Planet Rockerz, Fooderz, Kendoo, Mad Miguel, State, Rashad, MF Grimm, Six Two Six Shift, Daily Diggerz, Kufu, Prize, Refa Onerz, Sha Onerz, Dave in Vancouver, Vex, Polar, Shiek, Babz in Boston, Big Danz, Vietnam California, Cold Rock The Spot, Kool Skool in London, Monz, Riff, EC, the whole motherfucking NS, the whole GFC, Super B Beat Show, Daze Roc (WST), Big Matt in DC, Beat Detective, Mad Monk, my dude Culpa Onerz for lacing the cover and the whole AYAK massive, Shyeer, Tariq, Liz, Jahmel Rockwell etc...

Turn the motherfuckin volume up a few notches and prepare for some break beat pressure....BLAM,BLAM..


" Minnesota : A Bronx Frequency Runs Through It "

The South Bronx bomber "Minnesota" caught up with Amir Said (Beat Tips), for a nice in-depth interview that revolves around the science of Hip Hop production....You would be hard-pressed to find much info regarding Minnesota on the net, so do the right thing and check in with a quickness..

"BeatTips: Right now, reflectin’ back on your career, what producer or producers had the most influence on you early on? Who took you in early on?

Minnesota: SHOWBIZ!!! From Diggin’ In The Crates. That nigga opened my ears! Back when niggas was just sampling. Showbiz was the one that told me that I was listening to the records all wrong. Like, I would sample 1,2,3,4. He taught me 3 ½, 4 ½, 2 ½; like to catch it so awkward where nobody would be able to figure out what you did. He was the first person that showed me how to chop. And I just took it to Mars. He was on the SP 1200… I can always say that I owe all of that to Showbiz from Diggin’ In The Crates.

BeatTips: So how were you choppin’ before Show put you on?

Minnesota: Musically, it was like, when I got on the machine… you know how some producers are crazy over the megabytes and the gigahertz. I don’t know about none of that shit. I’m not technical AT ALL! My setup is hilarious to producers, when they come to my house, ‘cuz my shit is hooked up to a CD player! Niggas be buggin’ like, “Yo, where’s the studio?” I’m like, ‘Fuck a studio.’ I’m always more for the feeling of the music, or more for the frequency. Niggas be having the biggest studios and THEY BE TRASH!!! It’s never the machine, it’s the nigga"...

I couldn't have said it better myself...HAHA..


" Scratch The Surface Steez "

Just got done listening to this Wildelux remix jump off "Scratch The Surface"....

Dude is kinda nice with the storytelling skills, vocab, flows, and he also has the ability to stick to a topic throughout the duration of an entire song (rare these days)..

Be on the lookout for the Wildelux & DJ Lord Ron project in the near future...


I'm not really sure what's going on with Blogger ?

For some reason I do not see my last five post, including my BATTLEFIELD BREAKS mix and I'm mad as hell man...

Hopefully they fix their little glitch so I can go on with my business...If it's not fixed in a couple hours I will re-up everything..Until then you can scroll down and you will see the icons for the "lost" post on the right hand side..


" Joint Of The Day "

It's only eight in the morning (Vietnam, California time) and I am declaring this new scorcher by Show & AG, "Do It For" the motherfucking joint of the day...

Be on the lookout for Preloaded remixes on July 17th with seven new tracks included homepiss..


" New Shit On Deck "

DJ Bazooka Joe recently teamed up with Dope Folks Records for a project entitled, "Slang Parade"...It runs twenty cuts deep with a gang of features...

Take a listen..


The Parade Intro ft. Phace, Gentum, Daniel Joseph, Sol Zalez & Tone Liv
Truth Benders ft. ThatDudeJules
Slang Parade (R U Serious?) ft. Craig G
Undeniable Interlude ft. 07 Omnipotent Allah
Who You Know? ft. Uppanotch, Nicholas Howard
Presence Of Greatness ft. evitaN (Dres & Jarobi), Torae
Mother Made-ya ft. Kevroc (Darc Mind)
Killa Kid Times ft. Finsta Bundy
No Hook Intermission ft. S.HabiB
The Fan? ft. Sadat X
Lion Men (BK2YO) ft. King Phaze, AZ, Styles P
Obvious Interlude ft. Obvious Bane
Mic Sound Nice ft. Bush League, Elespee, Juskwam, D.O.N.
Roll - Junclassic ft. King Cesar (Monsta Island Czars)
That Ol' Boom Bap ft. Phace, Steve Smiff, El Da Sensei
Chop n' P Interlude ft. Tone Chop, Awful P
Time 2 Run Shit ft. Knucklehedz
6th Borough (Newburgh, NY) ft. Big Bad Baragon
Takeover Outro ft. Underground
True 4 You ft. Caliobzvr

" Lord Digga Speaks "

"Lord Digga the microphone mutilator ready to mash motherfuckers like potatoes / I dare a punk to diss me because I spit on spectators"....

The man behind those explosive bars is the special guest on the latest broadcast of "Classic Storm Radio" with DJ Toshi.....

God damn, this interview is straight up hilarious....

It sounds as if everyone in the room inhaled a trailer load of heavy smoke before hitting the record button....HAHA..

You will also hear new music from Craig G, Liknuts, Large Pro, Sadat X, and a couple freestyles from the former INC member (my only complaint is that Toshi is a little sloppy on some of the blends HAHA)...


" AZ & Cormega : Murder On The Daily "

AZ & Cormega joined forces for the freshest cut on Boomshell's 2011 album "The Premix"...

With chemistry like this, it would make perfect sense for the deadly duo to drop a full length project..

"Murder On the Daily" - Produced by Boomshell..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

" Breakbeat Avalanche "

Here is the official promo mix for the "Outbreak 8" B-Boy battle popping off next month in Slovakia..Lean Rock (Floor Lords) keeps the momentum pumping with a nice selection of body rockers...

So get off your stanking ass and catch a motherfuckin groove if you know what's best for you..

" Rakim Allah Speaks "

It's not often these days that you get a chance to catch Rakim in a interview type of format...On this twenty minute chop it up session with Montreality - he opens up about various topics..


- His story (0:27)
- The type of student he was at school (0:58)
- Jobs he’s had as a teenager growing up (2:34)
- What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (4:09)
- The key to success (4:53)
- Books that have influenced his life (5:27)
- What he would call his book, if he were to write one (6:41)
- His biggest fear (7:26)
- Who God is (8:01)
- What he thinks he were in a previous life (9:26)
- His upcoming studio album (10:11)
- His talents aside from emceeing (10:37)
- The last time he spoke to Eric B. (11:58)
- A memorable tour story (12:25)
- His top 5 dead or alive (14:38)
- New artists he co-signs (16:28)
- A$AP Rocky (17:28)
- His passion for tattoos (18:17)
- What he has in his pockets (18:35)
- His legacy, what he wants to leave behind (19:15)

Monday, June 18, 2012

" New Shit On Deck "

This mix starts off a little slow, but things start moving in the right direction quickly...


"DJ Soko is 1/3 of hip hop group The Left with Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Detroit emcee Journalist 103 whom released the DJ Premier Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of 2010 certified “Gas Mask” album on Mello Music Group. A limited edition 7″ vinyl record entitled Stand Up followed up to that.
This same-titled mix follows that flow with raw boom bap by the likes of Oh No, Nas, Showbiz & AG, Apollo Brown, House Shoes, OC & more hip hop heroes.

Currently DJ Soko is working on a project which features Guilty Simpson, Apollo Brown, Hassaan Mackey, Kaimbr, Sean Born, Gensu Dean, Rashid Hadee, and more. Get one of the very last vinyl copies of the Stand Up single here and stream/download Soko’s killer mix below".

" CM Mob Shit "

Kurious has a new project up his sleeves with Ray West "Luv NY"... The album features cameos from Roc Marciano, Kool Keith, AG, etc...

Peep the trailer cousin...

" Salute "

For some strange reason I turned on the news when I first woke up yesterday morning (ironically it was the second time I celebrated Fathers Day with a son of my own) to find out that Rodney King supposedly drowned in his own swimming pool...


His uncivilized / barbaric beating at the hands of the LAPD, will go down as one of those moments in America that truly unveiled how racism still exist among us..

Some might try to crack cornball jokes and all that, but you gotta give "RK" a salute for trying to carry on with his life despite the cruelty that was dished out to him (Willie Dee even had a song called "Fuck Rodney King" which included fake beatdowns, death threats, and all types of fuckery)...

Shit is far from a joke..

Unarmed brothers are getting smoked all across the country....It's becoming so commonplace that some have become desensitized and actually accept this type of shit..

I'm not trying to get on my SOAPBOX or anything, I just can't believe things haven't really changed for the better after such a horrible incident....

We will all never get along, but we need to at least respect one another...


Sunday, June 17, 2012

" Let The Beats Rock : Inspector Deck "

Sometimes it's nice to hear the beats instead of dudes yelling all the time (YA HEARD ME)...

Mr. Rebel RNS / Inspector Deck has been tapping out productions for a minute now (being around RZA for all those years must have had some type of effect on him I would imagine)..

He put out a all instrumental project last year entitled "Magnetic Flux".....Take a listen..


01 - 143rd Street
02 - Buttafly
03 - Doomzday
04 - Handz Of Tyme
05 - Last Wish
06 - Lions Den
07 - Piano Dayz
08 - The Sun
09 - Virginia
10 - Doug Flutey
11 - Club Hoppin
12 - City Boy
13 - Has 2 Cry
14 - Tranceformerz
15 - Life


" Limited Edition Steez "

How could motherfuckers complain about Hip Hop when you have so many fresh options to chose from past and present ?


Dudes have it so easy in this era....If you weren't in the know back then, or happen to live in a area that had decent radio programming you were navigating in the darkness..

Now if you have just a little determination you can locate all types of gems.....Quit your "BLOODCLOT CRYING" and go support the labels that still churn out dangerous material homeboy...

Dope Folks keep the flames burning with this sampler showcasing tunes from their expanding catalogue...Over an hour of nonstop head nodders...


Paint It Black: We Got Pull (“KILLED BY DEF VOL. 1″)
Rock La Flow: Freestyle Fanatic (“The Ultimate”)
Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad: Flip’n Keeloz (“Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad” EP)
Courageous Chief: Warpath (“Warpath EP” *** SOLD OUT)
MC Capone: Smooth Style (“Payroll Records Rare Tracks 88-91″)
Mixmasta D: Strate Phrum Da Krate (“Turntable Scientist EP +3″ *** SOLD OUT)
Stranj Child: Split Personality (“Stranj Child EP”)
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar: In the Groove (“Loud as a Banshee”)
Prophets of The Ghetto: West Phil (“Wreckless Writers ’96-’99″ ***SOLD OUT)
Rock La Flow: Wreckamic (“Flowgram Pt. 1″)
Legion of DUME: Knights of the Roundtable (“’94 DUME EP” **** SOLD OUT)
ILL Distracxion: I Heard Ya Don’t Know (“Psychotic Nasty EP” **** SOLD OUT)
Hitman (Earplay Entertainment)- Die 4 my Iggaz (Earplay Entertainment ’96 Brooklyn EP)
The Wizard of Rap: Escape From East New York (Remix) (“Escape From East New YorK”)
The Bizzie Boyz: Turntable Terrorizer (“Rare & Unreleased ’87-’89″)
Supreme Nyborn: Versatility (Versatile Extension) (“Payroll Records Rare Track ’88-’91″)
Rock La Flow: It Ain’t All Good/Outro… (“Flowgram Pt. 2″)

Friday, June 15, 2012

" More Boom Shots "

Before Elephant Man lost his mind , he was a member of the rugged 'Scare Dem Crew" outfit along with Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler, Bounty Killer, and Boom Dandimite..

Out of all the material they dropped "Scared From The Crypt" is the winner for me...Crazy amounts of gun talk, tales of putting the squeeze on rivals, crashing gates, and keeping it gully is the Modus Operandi on this one..

So crack that Red Stripe and go for yours rudeboy !!!


" Bad Man Nah Dress Like Girl"

"A Who"

" Golden State Warriors, Part 4 "

The good folks over at OKP caught up with half of the Pharcyde (Imani & Booty Brown) to chop it up about current projects, fighting for the rights of the "Pharcyde" name, why the group split, Industry Rule 4080, and all types of other shit that will hold your attention..

"Once the group’s popularity grew and the shows and tours began to pick up, one group member tried to play more of the Diana Ross role as the quartet’s front man. (“He wanted it to be Fatlip and the Pharcyde,” says Brown.) Fatlip was also somewhat of a wildcard, with the remaining members of the group not knowing whether he would appear for a show, or steal from other acts they were overseas on tour with, both of which took place on more than one occasion.

Some time after the mostly Jay Dee-produced Labcabincalifornia became the dream sophomore follow-up, tensions between Fatlip and the group caused Tré to urge Brown and Imani to push ‘Lip out. Due to his solo career aspirations, however, the excommunication proved to be less than difficult, as Fatlip left willingly.

With Fatlip’s departure came Tré’s turn to take the superstar route. (“He got on some, ‘Man, I ain’t really got time to deal with this shit, you can talk to my manager,’” says Imani.) Tré would be absent from rehearsals, late for show dates, etc".




" Legendary Status "

If your looking for a little aerosol morale to lift your spirits, FRESH PAINT NYC is a spot you should peep while your floating around in cyber-space..They come fully equipped with dope write ups, tons of flicks, show information, etc..

I also want to send my condolences to the the friends and family of STAY HIGH 149...If your in the New York area, they are having a memorial event for him on June 18th..

"Paying Respects To Wayne Roberts aka Stay High 149:

Unity Funeral Chapel
2352 8th Ave. (Btwn 126th and 127th st.)
New York, NY

Wake: Monday, June 18th 3-8pm
Funeral: Tuesday, June 19th 10am

The funeral and the wake will cost Stay high / Wayne’s family $10,000. They have put up $6000 so far and are looking for help on collecting the last $4000 needed to get everything done. The deadline for this is Friday.

For all of you who are able to contribute any funds please do so by getting a money order or bank check payable to: Unity Funeral Chapel".

" Rap Is Out Of Control - 10/14/12

Awww yeah....

Preemo filled in for DJ Eclipse on the latest Rap Is Out Of Control broadcast.....You already know the motherfuckin drill : Doubles, newness, and a healthy helping of jokes..


01. Apollo Brown & O.C. - The Formula
02. Public Enemy - Get It In (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)
03. J57 - They Never Come Close To... (feat. Theory Hazit)
04. J Dilla - Detroit Madness (feat. Phat Kat)
05. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - Greatness
06. Masta Ace - Ninteen Seventy Something
07. Masta Ace - Crush Hour (feat. Pav Bundy)
08. 1982 - The People Let Me Down (feat. Reks & Ghetto)
09. Scram Jones - Voices In The Attic (feat. Swigga)
10. Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx - Hardest From The Underground
11. ?
12. Killer Mike - JoJo's Chillin
13. Masta Ace - Think I Am (feat. Big Daddy Kane & MF Doom)
14. Masta Ace - Home Sweet Home (feat. Pav Bundy)
15. Showbiz & A.G. - Experience
16. J Dilla - Ride With It (feat. Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz)
17. Masta Ace - Fresh Fest Reggie B
18. Masta Ace - Slow Down
19. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - Eyeneverputmy4cusaway
20. Large Professor - Professor @ Large
21. DJ Brans - We Up In Here (feat. Nutso & Debonair)
22. Redman - My House (Remix) (feat. Ready Roc & Runtdawg)
23. Masta Ace - In Da Spot (feat. Milani The Artis)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

" Midweek - Steamerz "

To be honest, I have never really been a fan of the "Lifesavers" music, but their DJ (Rev Shines) has put out some quality mixtapes...

On "Today's Good News" he keeps the vibes up by supplying high powered selections..


" 45 Splash "

My dude "KD" from London has been holding it down on his site for quite sometime....If your looking for heavy doses of all things B-Boy, make sure you check out his spot - but make sure to tell him that the grimy dude from Hip Hop Battlefield sent you JACK !!!!

He recently put together a strictly 45 mix that will make your Hip Hop antenna activate..


45 KING instrumental
KWAME - "The Rhythm"
DOUG E FRESH - "Spirit" instrumental
PUBLIC ENEMY - "Black Steel..."
MARLEY MARL - "The Man Marley Marl"
SUPER RAT - "Motorcycle Mike"
SPOONIE G - "Spoonin Rap"
TWO-TONE - "We Are Two-Tone"
MAIN SOURCE - "Bootleggin'"
POS K & MC LYTE - "I'm Not Havin It"
MADMAN SHAWN - "Walk Thru Hell"
THE PHARCYDE - "Live at Dodgers Stadium"
BLUEPRINT - "No Half Smokin'"
DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK - "When Winter Comes"
SPOX PHD - "Brilliance"
RASHEED CHAPPELL - "What I'm Here 4"