Friday, June 15, 2012

" Legendary Status "

If your looking for a little aerosol morale to lift your spirits, FRESH PAINT NYC is a spot you should peep while your floating around in cyber-space..They come fully equipped with dope write ups, tons of flicks, show information, etc..

I also want to send my condolences to the the friends and family of STAY HIGH 149...If your in the New York area, they are having a memorial event for him on June 18th..

"Paying Respects To Wayne Roberts aka Stay High 149:

Unity Funeral Chapel
2352 8th Ave. (Btwn 126th and 127th st.)
New York, NY

Wake: Monday, June 18th 3-8pm
Funeral: Tuesday, June 19th 10am

The funeral and the wake will cost Stay high / Wayne’s family $10,000. They have put up $6000 so far and are looking for help on collecting the last $4000 needed to get everything done. The deadline for this is Friday.

For all of you who are able to contribute any funds please do so by getting a money order or bank check payable to: Unity Funeral Chapel".

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Anonymous said...

r-i-paint a true legend also iz the wiz kase 2 ramelzee etc alter ha