Tuesday, June 5, 2012

" D.I.T.C. 2012 "

AG, Showbiz, and O.C. took time out recently to chop it up heavy with H.H.A to discuss upcoming projects, why Showbiz decided to stop rhyming on tracks, the loss of Big-L, new DITC material, etc...

" HHA: I had talked through email to you manager Jason, and he said you all had gotten together for a beat listening session. Were you guys all in the room at once?

Show: Yeah, that was nice, that was nice.

O.C.: Yeah yeah, we had a lot of those since then.

HHA: Have you guys gone in the lab together and recorded the songs, or is it more you are doing it on your own time?

A.G.: The time we had came together, the times we have come together as one in the studio, we basically liked the beats together and picked beats to use for the project together. You know, as ideas come along we run then by each other, so it’s just a work in progress and we definitely knocking it out, but right now we got the O.C. and A.G. Oasis Part II, we got the Show and A Mugshot, and we’re going to throw another Mugshot album out before the Mugshot album comes out. So we in the studio a lot, and we’re recording a lot, and we’re doing everything at the same time: The Diggin’ shit, the Oasis shit, the Show and A.G. shit, the O.C. shit. So, like O said, we just working, and nothing has a particular title right now; it’s just work and we’ll figure it out where it goes as it goes along like Show said.

HHA: Are all the members in the unit right now, or is Fat Joe still not involved?

Show: Nah, Fat Joe’s not involved right now.

HHA: So it’s all the other members of the crew now?

Show: Yeah, everybody’s involved

HHA: Will we hear more of (Lord) Finesse on the D.I.T.C. stuff in terms of rapping? It’s been a while since we heard him.

Show: The question remains. Hold that to the question remains. Finesse is going to get back on the mic but it’s been a long time that he had an album out, so he’s going to get on when he’s ready to shake his ass; he’s going to get on and do what he do. Til then, we holding it down for him ".


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