Friday, June 15, 2012

" Golden State Warriors, Part 4 "

The good folks over at OKP caught up with half of the Pharcyde (Imani & Booty Brown) to chop it up about current projects, fighting for the rights of the "Pharcyde" name, why the group split, Industry Rule 4080, and all types of other shit that will hold your attention..

"Once the group’s popularity grew and the shows and tours began to pick up, one group member tried to play more of the Diana Ross role as the quartet’s front man. (“He wanted it to be Fatlip and the Pharcyde,” says Brown.) Fatlip was also somewhat of a wildcard, with the remaining members of the group not knowing whether he would appear for a show, or steal from other acts they were overseas on tour with, both of which took place on more than one occasion.

Some time after the mostly Jay Dee-produced Labcabincalifornia became the dream sophomore follow-up, tensions between Fatlip and the group caused Tré to urge Brown and Imani to push ‘Lip out. Due to his solo career aspirations, however, the excommunication proved to be less than difficult, as Fatlip left willingly.

With Fatlip’s departure came Tré’s turn to take the superstar route. (“He got on some, ‘Man, I ain’t really got time to deal with this shit, you can talk to my manager,’” says Imani.) Tré would be absent from rehearsals, late for show dates, etc".




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