Monday, December 12, 2011

" Monday Morale On Deck "

Alright folks the year is almost coming to a close....

Dudes are writing up New Years Resolutions, some people are in panic mode because of all the 2012 hysteria, burglars are looking for a chance to climb down someone's chimney and swipe all their Christmas goodies, cops are thirsty to catch drunk drivers and all that....But Hip Hop Battlefield is in a different zone...

Some real monumental shit is on the horizon over here...I'm not going to speak on it until the ink is dried (You already know how that goes)...Just trust me that I'm going into full shock treatment mode so keep your motherfuckin eyes peeled in the very near future....

Enough of all that....You came to here to swoop up some Monday morale, right ?

Here you go trooper- Vanderslice "Just Me & My Breaks".....Do Not Sleep.



1.) Intro
2.) Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet
3.) Head - G.B.H.
4.) some japanese fawnk
5.) The Progress Organization joint
6.) some russian gangster rock shit
7.) some dusty italian shit
8.) Cado Belle - A Stones Throw from Nowhere
9.) The Ebonys - A Love of Your Own
10.) The Diplomats - I've Got that Kind of Love
11.) interlude
12.) some breezy instrumental 45
13.) Styx - A Song for Suzanne / Evidence - The Far Left
14.) Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies / Big Twin & Prodigy - Click Clack
15.) Sting of the Serpent / TI - The King Back
16.) The Main Ingredient / The Game - Why You Hate The Game
17.) Stone Killer Theme / Suave Sevah on Halftime over a Just Blaze Beat
18.) Ethos - The Spirit of Music / Dilated - Back Again
19.) The Strawbs / Sid Roams - S.R. Theme
20.) some gutter dutch shit / Evidence - The Perfect Storm
21.) some Vanderslice beats..


BIG D O said...

i'm gonna take a shot in the dark and guess that you landed a huge production spot on someone's album...that's my guess..

Drasar Monumental said...


Sorry to make it all suspenseful fam, but I will unveil the details by the end of January....

Get at me -

Anonymous said...

good stuff dras keep blasting em alter ha---

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the VANDERSLICE mix!


Drasar Monumental said...