Friday, December 2, 2011

" Blog Shots 58 "

Those cats over at the 5th Element blog recently put up an editorial about the frustrations of a modern day Disc Jockey (The Evolution & Devolution Of The DJ).....It's an excellent read that pretty much sums up how I have been feeling for awhile now.

"You would think with the explosion of so much music being created and easily available that would result in DJs being able to open up their playlist, but quite to the contrary. These days DJs seem to be narrowing their playlists more than ever. Even worst yet, DJs seem to be losing their individuality. As recent as a few years ago I could go to a variety of different clubs and bars to hear DJs and never hear the same tracks or styles of tracks over and over, even though the places I frequented had DJs working from the same musical pools; 80s/90s Hip Hop & Soul/Funk. There was still enough music for everyone to build a unique playlist".


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