Tuesday, December 20, 2011

" 3 Battlefield Sure Shots "

Here are a couple rockets to help boost your morale levels..Big up to everyone that checks in on the daily, I SEE YOU..

1...E-Rule. "Nik Love R.I.P." off of the Cold Currents album..

When it comes to thorough west coast emcees, "E-Rule" is in a class by himself....It's almost criminal that cats slept on him so hard..Take a listen to this joint and get your mind right JACK !!!!

2...M.O.P. "Body On The Iron".

Out of all the cuts on that new "Sparta" album, this one gets the most burn over here...

3..Planet Asia & Planet Asia. "Madrid".

Just got done listening to that "Cracks In the Vinyl" E.P........To be honest the project sounds a little rushed as if it was just thrown together, regardless "Madrid" bangs something decent...

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