Wednesday, February 15, 2012

" Baby Paul Speaks "

Former Beat Miner "Baby Paul" recently sat down with those dudes over at Nod Factor for a in-depth interview that will hold your attention....I highly suggest that you take time out to soak up the gems famo...

"Did anyone show you how to use the equipment?

The SP-12 was self taught. The first MPC I invested in was the MPC 2000. I never had a MPC drum machine until the 2000 came out. I never had the MPC 60 or 62. I had the SP-12 Turbo that had the Commodore 64 external hard drive. Then I had the SP-1200 and then a bunch of AKAI racks. That was my starting gear.

Then when the MPC 2000 came out I called Evil Dee for some advice and pointers and then I taught myself (the rest) after he gave me some pointers. A lot of the gear was self taught. I feel blessed that I took initiative, experimented and I learned how to filter my samples myself.

As far as programming the drum machines I did watch Large Pro do a few tricks here and there on the 1200 and then I experimented and taught myself how to sequence, truncate my sounds, as far as my drums. As far as synching the Akai rack sampler with the Sp 12, the drum machine was the master and the Akai was the part I’d synch all my loop samples in and sequence everything in the 1200.

Eventually I started getting into integrating live sounds and midi synching keyboards, keyboard racks to now we’re in the software game".


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