Wednesday, September 21, 2011

" New Shit On Deck "

Big Noyd is back on the set with more ammo for 2011...

"Freezers" featuring Noyd & Bloodsport with Stu-Bangas on the production.............Turn your motherfuckin volume up..

*Photo of Noyd & Killa Black (RIP)


Donaleski said...

Wat it do Dras?

Freezers is that cut that make u move, get out tha way, the snippet from them stubangas was hard, havent heard this original yet but must me promisin!

Peace ma G


Anonymous said...

Yooo the n....gga bloodsport back in it and I love it - stay back if not put ya paper on it like this and end up in the hospital needing bloodwork to find out if you good ha ha