Thursday, September 15, 2011

" Every Posse Get Flat 2.0 "

Yeah man....Yeah man, I told you motherfuckers that I was going to drop "Every Posse Get Flat 2.0." sooner than later.....

I also told you that I have plans for the suckers this year....HAHAHA....

The kid feels real good right about now....WHY ?

Because I am about to drop a certified M.X. missile right on your forehead.....I'm talking 40 minutes of nonstop turntable abuse, rudeboy pressure, BATTLEFIELD production, and all that other wild shit that will make the average herb tremble in his skinny jeans (DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME).....

If your expecting to hear a compilation of "Lovers Rock" tunes, your barking up the wrong tree......If your expecting to hear a mix full of "pay to play" dubplates, your barking up the wrong tree......If your expecting to hear a project full of shake your "poom poom" selections, once again your barking up the wrong motherfuckin tree....

If you look at the cover art carefully (By Viben Onerz) you already know what's going down.....STRAIGHT WRECK...

Big up to GBK, NSZ, GFC, P, Kendoo, Fooderz, Mad Miguel, State, Shyeer, Rashad, Sha, Kufu, Daze Roc (WST),Riff, Mondo, Reefa, Prize, Franz, Blame, AYAK, Polar/Viben thanx brother, Daily Diggers in London, Kool Skool in London,, Alter Ha, Donalski, Cold Rock The Spot, Big D.O. ,Blacka Dread, Vex, Vietnam California, Jahmel, Elizabeth, Kebz, Tariq, HR, Mattlock in Chicago, Dave Jones in Vancouver, and everyone else that keeps those flames burning..

* 100 % VINYL...


1..Drama intro ----Produced by Drasar Monumental..

2..Cutty Ranks "Stoppa Remix"-----Produced by Drasar Monumental.

3..Jr.Demus "You A Bad Boy"-----Produced by Salaam Remi..

4..Rev Baddo "Bop Scuchie"-------Produced by Salaam Remi & Bobby Konders.

5..Doo Wop "Click Bang Instro"----Produced by Diaz Brothers.

6..Massive B ""Dun Dem Riddim"

7..Kenny Dope featuring Shagz--------Produced by Kenny Dope & Todd Terry.

8..Asher D & Daddy Freddy "Brutality"----Produced by Simon Harris.

9..Drama Segue-------Produced by Drasar Monumental.

10.Bounty Killer "Not Another Word Remix"-----Produced by Drasar Monumental.

11..Special Ed featuring Bounty Killer "Rukus"------Produced by Special Ed..

12..Rugged drum breaks underneath.

13..Just Ice featuring KRS "Mosh It Up"--------Produced by KRS.

14..Rugged drum break underneath..

15...Ghetto Dwellas "The Dirtiest Instro"-----Produced by Showbiz.

16...Last Emperor "Mafia Don"----------Produced by Beat Minerz.

17...The Mosse "Hypeness"-----------Produced by Tony D.

18...Martial Arts Riddim ----------------Produced by C.Parks.

19...Almighty & KD Ranks "Lyrics In A This"----------Produced by Tony D.

20...Mad Cobra "Money First Remix"---------Produced by Salaam Remi.

21...Drama Segue--------------------------Produced by Drasar Monumental..

22....Burro Banton "Jah First"--------------Tempo Riddim.

23...Anthony B "Burn Out War'---------Tempo Riddim.

24..Rugged drum breaks underneath, throughout....

25.Black Cop Echo.

26..Don-T "As Them Talk Remix"----------Produced by Drasar Monumental.

27..Don-T "As Them Talk 2"------------Produced by Quick Mix..

28...Lady-G "Situation remix"

29...Chaka Demus & Pliers "Murda instro blend"

30...Drama Segue Produced by Drasar Monumental.

31...PRT "Strictly Mash On accapella flip"

32....Baron Ricks "Harlem instro" Produced by Alchemist...

33...KRS drum breaks.

34..Red Fox featuring Sadat X & Lord Jamar "Mr.Rudeboy"

35..Whitey Don "Scatter remix"-------------Produced by KRS.

36..Thes One & Rasaan Ahmad "Good Company instro"----------Produced by Thes One.

37..45 King drum breaks..

38..Bounty Killer "Gun Down"------------Stalag Riddim.

39...Brigadier Jerry. "What Kind Of World"-----Stalag Riddim.

40..Stalag Riddim. Produced by Winston Riley.

41.Drama Outro. Produced by Drasar Monumental.



Mon$ said...

DOPE! that gonna be on bandcamp too?

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh big ups im cheesin im gonna meditate to this this is what ya waited all year for the hardcore kill the bawty fish sound bowy selectas respect every time seen alter ha---

Anonymous said...

ahhhh man im in a good mood im happy this made my friday yo mutch respect you are a true head it feels good that heads still drop dope true music props 1 more time alter ha---

Drasar Monumental said...

Thanks fellas....

Yo Monz, yeah the Bandcamp will be rockin again if possible...HAHAHA...


Anonymous said...

very nice man, very nice... been on bump down here in Fortuna... big ups! -Wonger

Anonymous said...

I been waitin for this fam!


Anonymous said...

is there a part 1?