Thursday, September 8, 2011

" Attack Of The Killer Demos Returns "

It's been awhile since I rocked an "Attack Of The Killer Demos" segment....In the past I posted up demos from Camp Lo, G.Rap, Criminal Scientific, and others, now I'm going to hit you with an avalanche of Mobb Deep demo cuts....

Some of you have heard some of these, some of you haven't, regardless this collection of pre-Infamous rockets deserve your attention....


01. Mobb Deep – Keepin It Real

02. Mobb Deep – Lifestyles of the Infamous

03. Mobb Deep – Light Em Up

04. Mobb Deep – Survival of the Fittest (Original Version)

05. Mobb Deep Feat. Big Noyd – If It’s Alright

06. Mobb Deep Feat. Big Noyd – The Bridge 94

07. Mobb Deep Feat. General Germ (Illa Ghee) – Up North Trip (Original Version)

08. Mobb Deep Feat. Twin Gambino – Hectic


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Anonymous said...

where going nuts lol alter ha---