Thursday, April 12, 2012

" Mandatory Download : Uncut Raw "

"Uncut Raw" is easily one of the best albums to come out in the last four years....

Selfish & Fluent managed to create a timeless piece of art that deserves repeated listening...Creative lyricism, bugged out, off kilter sample wreckage, and well though out concepts....If you look at the cover you might just sleep on checking it out, but trust me - this album is packing extreme heat (can we please get that "Uncut Raw part 2 fellas)...

Over the years I have developed a friendship with Selfish....He is a interesting, humble, Chicago native that has his own steez...I rocked a interview with him awhile back (Selfish if your reading this I am headed to back to Chicago next month, so hit me up so we can do some more heavy digging famz)...


And while your at - you might as well download "Uncut Raw".....They are offering a free download of the project over at GREEN LLAMA MUSIC for a limited time so you better not sleep jack !!!....


1. Intro

2. Imwityou

3. The Flyest

4. Throwback Shit

5. Somebeat

6. Tilthesuncomeup

7. Fortune Cookies

8. Heroin

9. Green

10. Crazy

11. 727

12. Interlude 1

13. Cereal

14. WWIV

15. So Bad

16. Anothabeat

17. Summertime

18. Bang!

19. Interlude 2

20. Slop

21. All I Need

22. Onemorebeat

23. Lastone

24. Interlude 3

25. Funkclub

26. Baby



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Hol@yaBoi when you midwest Son!

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