Friday, October 24, 2008

" West Coast, Stand The Fuck Up "

Fuck what you heard, "Ras Kass" is one of the best to ever do it....If he never put out anything after "Nature Of The Threat", he still would get my vote for one of Cali's finest....I think his rhymes are above the audiences head, and that's one of the reasons he has not received the praise he deserves.....Another thing that has plagued his career is bad production choices...When he has the right beats underneath him {Soul On Ice rmx , Home Sweet Home} the results are ill......But even the illest lyrics in the world couldn't save some of the lackluster beats he tried to flip.......And can't help but wonder, would things be different if that "Golden State Warriors" shit came out.......Anyway, I am still checkin for you "Ras" {No-Homo}...

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Anonymous said...

"make a mannequin flinch"
haha. Ras is one of the illest, i agree them beats always held him back.

the unaLlama