Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Roc Raida On The Beat"

Yeah, I know foolio that it's not a picture of "Roc Raida"...{But read dudes shirt}.....Anyway, they don't call "Roc Raida", Grandmaster Roc Raida for nothing homepiss....A while back he released an album with "Wayne-O", that I don't hear many people talk about...This album was produced entirely by "Roc Raida", and he shows why d.j's make the funkiest beats.....I think "Wayne-O" used to be in a group called the "E-Brothers", who had a track on the "New Jersey Drive' soundtrack {Funky Piano, also produced by Roc Raida}......Peep


Anonymous said...

Damn I used to like that Funky Piano joint back in the day! I remember one of the E Brothers said " I'm tired of eatin beef lo mein"! I didn't know Roc Raida produced that joint.


Drasar Monumental said...

True Dat..