Sunday, November 29, 2009

" Top 50 AF1's "

Besides being a dope D.J., " Clark Kent " is known worldwide for being a AF1 aficionado....He linked up with Complex magazine to drop his top 50 AF1's of all time for all the kick fiends out there...

I was a little surprised by his #1 spot, but it's all preference I guess...


Saturday, November 28, 2009

" Future Classics & Past Rarities "

This mix by " D.J.Sav-One " rocks joints by Pharoahe Monch, Grap Luva, Illa J, Ed.O.G., Milano, etc...Good lookin " Sav " for sending this my way...

No playlist this time around duke...


Friday, November 27, 2009

What Is In Bam's Bag Of Goodies ?

The godfather recently took time out to drop jewels at Amoeba (SF)...You better recognize and realize !!!

(Cashis D & K-Swift, I see you lamping in the background,HAHA)..Peace Akhi.

" The End Of A Era "

After 35 years of holding down the fort for the Hip Hop nation, Technics will cease production of the 1200's & 1210s in February 2110...I guess it's time to stock up on extra pairs before the prices get out of control..


" Jacking For Beats 2009 "

I'm not going to sit around and act like I know about the in & outs regarding this situation, but one thing is for sure, " Smiley The Ghetto Child " is mad at somebody....


" Friday Funk Mode "

The reason why you come to HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is because you want that heat right ? Well here is some flamethrower shit that is going to melt your speakers..

Scott Down & D.J. Cutler come correct when it comes to those under the radar torpedoes...If you want to start off your weekend on the good foot, do the right thing and swoop this mix up JACK !!!!!!!!

Two thumbs up...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

" O.C. & A.G. : The Oasis "

D.I.T.C. is back to burn with the release of the " Oasis "....It's a very solid album with a cohesive feel to it...O.C. & A.G attack the mic with a tag-team approach, over booming production by " Show ", " E Blaze ", " Statik Selektah ", and " Lord Finesse " ....

Here are a couple highlights...

" 2 For The Money " produced by Show..

" Supreme Squad " produced by Show..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

" Drasar Monumental On The Beats "

I'm not really into the whole " Thanksgiving " thing...If you take some time to really do the knowledge, you would realize the entire holiday is a straight up sham...Everyday you should give thanks...Every moment you are alive you should be in the process of giving thanks to the god-force that blesses you...

Fuck it, I'm going to start my own holiday today...It's going to be called " Angry Beat Holiday "....On this day I will lace the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse with 3 menacing productions..



* And here is some critical information for you to gobble on....The Truth About Thanksgiving..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

" Milkcrate Jewels 21 "

*Pictures taken at " Crate City, California "...A.K.A. Drasar Monumental's lab....

It's time to dig in my personal crate stash and slap ya'll with some more slept-on gems....Willie Littles & Entreprenuer put out this dirty piece of wax in the mid 90's ( I'm guessing, the E.P. doesn't say )...

This joint is extremely rare, and you would be hard-pressed to find it ANYWHERE...

Released on " Keep It Moving Records ", both cuts produced by Jerry Callender...

" Jewels Heist "....Crime cinema music, two thumbs up...

" My Only Lady "....More drama rap..

" New Shit "

That dude from the " Go " ( Chicago ) is back with a new scorcher to blaze your eardrums...Juice+Panik= Head nodder music....

Big up to (FSD)

" King Shameek Interview-Re-Up "

I conducted this interview with " King Shameek " in the beginning stages of " Hip Hop Battlefield "...If you missed it the first go-round, here is another opportunity to CHECK THE FUCK IN....

Big up to " Shameek " for the blessings....

King Shameek has always intrigued me........The way he put together beats was unlike anyone I had heard before......Monkey's sampled intro's, House music infused with Hip Hop, spontaneous breakdowns complementing heavy doses of scratching, and funky as fuck drum patterns.........His productions have managed to age very well.......He has worked with Naughty By Nature, Artifacts, King Sun, Twin Hype, L.P., PaceWon, El Gant, Style, Tony Terry, and even Peanut Butter Wolf {back in the day} ..........Hip Hop Battlefield salutes you "King Shameek", for being original, versatile, and most of all soulful......Check out this interview I rocked with Mr. Jose Matos {King Shameek}.......

{HHBF].....The first time I heard of you Shameek was the "In The House" 12 inch with the "Shameek's Groove" on the flip...Was this your first commercial release?

{King Shameek}....My first self produced release was "Make It Funky"...Seville featuring Jazzy J and Shameek on NVS/Cutting Records...Which was recorded on a 4 track recorder that my mom bought me in High School...Thanks Ma.....Before that I was just editing and scratching on freestyle records like Sweet Sensation ,Deniz, Tony Terry, etc...That work prepared me for larger studios.....

{HHBF}.....In 2006 there were talks of you and "Twin Hype" recording again, what's the update on that situation?

{King Shameek]....Most people know of the twins getting locked up from the" Source" article back in the day....So after they got released after 4-5 years we linked up 2 see if we could pick up where we left off..Things didn't really work out, I guess we didn't see things eye to eye..So another 4 years pass by, this time they recorded some demos and said they were ready to rock with me again....We recorded 4 hot joints..I was psyched about the joints we did....So I sent out a press release and set up meetings with labels...We then had another fallout, so I bounced before we heard any news about a deal...I have a lot of joints i did that never came out...I'm thinking about putting out a King Shameek lost tapes album with joints I did with King Sun, T La Rock, Twin Hype....For the most part I'm done with the twins though....I'd rather preserve my Hip Hop memories of us on tour and video shots and whatnot.....Nah mean?

{HHBF}.....Your recordings are always mixed down very well, are you more into analog recording devices or digital these days?

{King Shameek}....I had to make the change from analog to digital or get left in the dust...As a d.j. I made the change from vinyl to c.d. then serato.....I still love my vinyl, but I don't have to carry around a heavy ass crate...Unless I sell my house and move...As a producer I prefer to have a fatter and dirty sound on my beats that I got from analog, but recording and editing in protools is a lot faster...I found several ways to make my drums dirty in protools so I rock with that...When it comes to buttons and faders, I was always a hands on type of dude...It took me awhile to get used to rocking with a mouse, but for the most part I like to keep a tight mix and pan sounds so it bugs out the listener....I remember hearing "Buffalo Gals" for the first time and how they had all the scratching, vocals and sound effects paned to one side....And all the music and drums paned to the other side...I always took those kind of ideas in the studio with me.......

{HHBF} ....Upcoming projects?

{King Shameek}...Working on a line of scratch tones {ring tones}...I'm also V.P. of a production company called Newark Illustrated that houses artist Miss Nana and Angel Inez coming real soon..I'm also working on hosting my own online radio show real soon..Get at me

{HHBF}...I am curious to know how you found Hip Hop Battlefield?

{King Shameek}...I found your site from my google alerts..So when I checked your site from my sidekick I thought it was dope..I was like this cat knows his music.....

{HHBF]...You mixed Hip Hop and House in a way that hasn't been matched since.....What was the Newark club scene like back in the day?

{King Shameek}...My cousin was a D.J {Mumbles} at Club Zanzibar during the disco era..I think they opened in the late 70's..Zanzibar has always been a landmark in Newark...Jokers would come from all over the tri state area to party there...Sad thing is I just drove by there last week and it's leveled to the ground....When my cousin stopped dj'ing in the mid 80's he gave me some of his records...You could say I was studying those records...

{HHBF}..."The Truth" , by L.P. caught me by suprise...Especially when I found out you did the beat...How did you meet up with L.P. and what's his current status?

{King Shameek}..I was introduced to L.P. by his mom....I won't say who, but he has family in the D.I.T.C. crew...We keep L.P's profile under wraps because the nature of that song...It's like when 50 got all that feedback from "How To Rob"......Funny thing is we put out "Truth", before "How To Rob"...Hmmmm...I wonder if they got the idea when we were playing the demo to D.Dot?....Hmmmm, could that be why he wanted to hear it over and over again? Shout out to Sway and King Tech for playing it first....L.P. is flying back and forth from China to Atlanta, running some type of clothing distrubution business now........

{HHBF}...Whatever happened to 'Nefatini" ?

{King Shameek]...That's a good question..I was just put on that project..Her and Romeo Black were really down with D.J. Cheese.....

{HHBF}..Why didn't you release more material in the mid 90's?

{King Shameek]....I was working more on T.V. jingles and dj'ing because of deals gone bad..Before that I was developing and shopping a group called "Zero Tolerance", that I got signed to Loud Records..That project never came out, and we asked to be released from the label when we seen 'Mobb Deep" who were signed after us, come out before we did...So things got me discouraged from the music biz a little bit at that time....But I'm back {LoL]....

{HHBF}...Who exactly were 'Hollywood Impact", and what recording equipment were you using at that time?

{King Shameek].....Hollywood Impact was a crew of artist, producers, dj's under producer Hollywood's guidance...He was a d.j. from Newark that felt he could impact the game with a fresh, new sound, and we did just that...King Sun, Tony Tone and Mick Nice of Style..Kid Seville, Romeo Black and Nefatini, made some of the Hollywood Impact.....We recorded at a studio that was fully equipped, but we prefered the SP1200..Hell there were times when we just looped up a drum beat on a Numark mixer with no sequencer and lay more samples on top of it...The same thing Rick Rubin is famous for with the 'Beastie Boys"..It gave it that live feel...

{HHBF}...Can you drop some jewels on us about your mind frame when you recorded 'Twin Hype's" first album?

{King Shameek}...1988 and I am fresh out of High School and I was back in Jersey...Madukes wanted me to go to college, but I wanted to test out the N.Y. music scene for a year or two...While in Jersey I met Hollywood, he played a demo from 2 brothers, we thought they were clever with the rhymes.....So we started recording at a N.Y. production studio called "Centerfield'....Hollywood was a d.j too, he had a lot of that house music we sampled from....Jersey has always been big on House and club music....So we recorded 'Do It To The Crowd", and that was the first single...There was a lot of smoking weed and drinking beer during the recording of the first album......

{HHBF]....Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

{King Shameek]...I was born in Newark, but moved to Cali in the late 70's...So it was Cali where I was first introduced to Hip Hop...Before that I had a thing for funk and RNB music like George Clinton, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown.....I was up on N.Y. when I would take trips back to see my family...I got tapes early of Supreme Team, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout....I remember most of the Cali Hip Hop like "Egyptian Lover'," Bobby Jimmy", 'World Class Wrecking Crew"....I would only get to play true school Hip Hop when I would spin on the "Drum" with "Kevvy Kev' on KZSU [Stanford} or with "KutMaster Kurt" in Santa Cruz....

{HHBF]...Favorite "King Sun" moment........

{King Shameek}......The time where he went into the d.j. booth where 'Funk Master Flex" was playing during a Ice Cube performance...Sun got on the house mic and called out Cube ....He claimed Cube stole a song called "Wicked" from him...Sun was like "Cube you are a biter"... Everyone was looking around, because they didn't know what was going on....So Cube stopped his show, and was like "so what I stole 'Wicked"....So Sun asked to battle, and Cube agreed....By the time Sun got to the stage security was called to stop him so nothing happened at all..........

*Word up my peoples...Thanks for checking out this piece....I also have a interview with a mysterious Chicago producer on the way so stay tuned JACK!!!!!!!

" Get Your Fresh Produce "

My man " Dug Boogie " is holding it down when it comes to those fresh podcast...Make sure you check out the " Produce Section " with Science Of Lifer, Mr. John Robinson....


Enter the Produce Section Intro (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Ordo Ab Chao (Prod. by J Dilla)
Grandz (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
1 of the greatest (Produced by J Rawls and DJ Rhettmatic)
N.Y. CA (Prod. by Madlib)
Makings of U (IG Culture Remix)
Mascot feat Peter Hadar (Prod. by K Dubble)
Why'd You Lie (Prod. by R.Thentic)
Rapsploitation (Flying Lotus Mix)
The UK feat Cymarshall Law & K Banger (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
It's Worth It feat Tiffany Paige (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
Cherish (Confusion) feat Wordsworth of EMC (Prod. by K Dubble)
2 Things (Japanese Import - Planet Groove/Jazzy Sport 12") (Prod. by Grooveman Spot)
The Big Picture (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
Dap Feat. Farrah Burns (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Science, Jazz and Politics (Remix) (Prod. by IG Culture)
Circulate feat Invizible Handz (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
On the Road Again (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
C.U. (Prod. by Ta'Raach)
Hit Me (SP's Phone Home Remix)
Heavenly feat ID 4 Windz & Tiffany Paige (Prod. by J Dilla)
Rap Thing (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Invizible Man feat 20/20 aka U George (Prod. by MF DOOM)
Its Jay ARE (J Rawls and John Robinson) Prod. by J Rawls (Album coming in 2009)
*Leaving the Produce section outro (Prod. by Flying Lotus)


Friday, November 20, 2009

" Phil Most Chill Interview -Re-Up "

I did this interview with " Phil Most Chill " over a year ago now, and I feel it's time to splash ya'll with it again..." Phil " is on a blog hiatus for now, so hopefully this will get him to step in the arena once again..Salute to you " Phil "..
It's unfortunate that our Eagles are falling apart at the god damn seams...

Anyway, here is the interview ya'll...Have a good weekend..

Face the facts folks, most so-called Hip Hop dudes could care less about the artform....Many are content to abandon their morals, and quickly { sell out } as soon as the opportunity presents itself.....But Philadelphia's "Phil Most Chill"/ Soulman/ {insert one of his many aliases here} is cut from a different cloth.....It is obvious from his blogs, music, productions, etc, that this brother lives and breathes this Hip Hop shit.....And as a writer for Rap Sheet { Soulman's World Of Beats} he was breaking down the science of sampling before you beat nerds even had a clue.....So without further delay here is the interview I conducted with " Baritone Tiplove " himself.....

1. {HHBF}... The first production I heard from you was "On Tempo Jack", it sounded like you were using the SP 1200...What equipment were you using back then?

(PMC}....I had a real low budget set-up, just a Casio R-Z sampling drum machine and a Tascam 4 track Portastudio. All I could sample on the Casio were short little sounds, which I usually used for the kicks, snares, 808's etc...All the longer samples and loops I had to fly in on the 4 track, straight from the turntables.....I was suprised to find out later how many other producers had the Casio R-Z too. I knew right away when I heard De La Soul's "Daisy Age" off the "3 Feet High" album that Prince Paul was using it.....

2..{HHBF}....Philly is known for it's pioneering D.j's....Who is your favorite Philly D.J. and why?

...{PMC}...Well I gotta say the homie D.J. Cash Money, but Philly is full of legendary D.J.'s..I kinda feel bad to leave any of the other dudes out....Cash is like me, though....He's into the record collecting real big, plus he's into stuff like rare videos and toys from the 70's, all this nostalgia stuff, and I'm into all that, too...I saw some stuff over Cash's crib that I have never seen anywhere else....

3...{HHBF}.....Juice Crew Or Wu-Tang?

...{PMC}....Aw man....I can't even pick between the 2...I guess Wu put out more records, but ain't much out there topping the best of the Juice Crew...Kane's first album? G Rap ? The first couple of Biz albums? Wooo...Hard to beat that...But ultimately, I gotta say it's Wu Tang...There's just a much larger output of unbelievable dope joints coming out of the Wu camp...I even like some of the slept on later Wu-Tang albums, like Master Killer's joints....

4...{HHBF}...Out of all the places you have been, what country/state had the flyest records?

...{PMC}...I honestly never did a lot of travelling for records, so I don't know....I guess I'd say New York had the most ill records, but I've dug most extensively in my own area, which is the Southern to Midwestern Pennsylvania area, and I've caught a ton of crazy records around here....I used to hit up all these little out-of-the-way townships, college communities, whatever, and I used to come up on a lot of good stuff......

5...{HHBF}.....85 or 95?

...{PMC}....Even though I'm an 80's guy, I gotta say 95...I didn't particularly like where Hip Hop was going in 1985, other than a few certain groups and certain dope records..Overall, it was some drum machine bullshit going on that I wasn't feeling, plus a lot of wack ass rap dudes too in my opinion....The old school was falling off and becoming dated, Sugarhill couldn't keep up with the times musically, cats were on some ol' t.v. theme song shit, everybody was doing "Roxanne" records....A lot of rap and bullshit was going down...I honestly thought rap was over, until dudes realized they could actually rock those old school breaks on records, full loops instead of just little hits over drum machines...Once they figured out how to recapture that original sound of Hip Hop, like in late 86-87-88, that's when the shit was on again......
1995, I can't even remember what exactly was hot right then...I know the signs were there that things were changing, though. There probably was a lot that I didn't like in 95', too...But for the most part I think that real shit was still rockin things...Primo was killing it......wasn't 95' the year of "Cuban Linx" and "The Infamous" and all that?....That was definitely a great time for Hip Hop, probably the last days, to be honest...I got married in 1995 too, so I better say that was a good year......

6..{HHBF]...Do you think Mumia Abu Jamal will ever be released from prison?

...{PMC}...No, I can't see that ever happening...I'd be shocked if that happened..

7...{HHBF}...What other types of music are you into besides Hip Hop?

..{PMC}....Many, many different genres...Sweet soul, psych rock, lite rock, jazz, some folk, some reggae, modern soul, funk, easy listening, some lounge...I get into whatever hits my ear at the moment...Some people probably think I'm closed minded because I have pretty strict opinions about what is and what isn't Hip Hop..But I am very open minded about music..

8...{HHBF]...Tat Money or Code Money?

...{PMC}....I don't know much about Code Money, so I'll take Tat Money because I know that dude has always been a beast on the tables...Plus he used to sell me beats at the "Funkomart" record store back in the days....

9...{HHBF}.....Are you out publicly as of late?...

...{PMC}.....Nope.....I don't know how many people know of me are aware, but I'm really not a D.J...I guess that's strange for a person who has as many records as I do, and have a reputation as a mixtape dude....But to be honest I have rarely ever played out...I don't like at all because you have to cater to the crowd, and I just have the wrong temperment for that...My attitude is "fuck ya'll", I'm not going to play the new Rhianna record, I'm sorry......

10..{HHBF}....HaHa, If you could change one thing about the music industry of today, what would you change?

...{PMC}.....Hmmm..I guess just find a way to eliminate illegal downloading of Mp3's..Probably just get rid of Mp3's altogether..I love the technology as a collector of music..But as somebody who used to make money selling music, MP3's killed everything...It's not profitable anymore, everybody just get's shit for free now,,,And I don't blame them, I do it too...

11...{HHBF}...3 Times Dope or Steady B?

...{PMC}...3 Times Dope..EST was the first rapper from Philly that I really respected as being nice on the mic...No disrespect but at that time I thought Steady, Schooly D, and some other people, made banging records, but were not that hot lyrically...I liked the beats more than the rhymes on a lot of joints....I always thought Steady had some hard ass beats...Matter of fact, I did a version of "On Tempo" with famous Philly studio engineer "Joe Da Butcher" because I wanted him to help meget my beats banging as hard as Steady's joints were...

12...{HHBF}....What is the Hip Hop scene like in Philly these days?

...{PMC}...Oh, I'm the wrong person to ask about what's going on now...I'm an old head..I don't even check shit like I used to...Knowing Philly though, I'm sure there are some talented people out there getting it in...

13...{HHBF}....Favorite Hip Hop memory?

...{PMC]....Way too many to name, but for the sake of the interview I'll say it was a jam in 1980 with Bambaataa, Cosmic Force, Funky 4, Disco 4.....I had been to a lot of jams before that, but that was the first one I remember where I was really fimiliar with all the Mc's and D.J's...Before that I may have seen some known dudes, but I wasn't really paying attention, it was no big deal to me.....But by 80, seeing the Funky 4 standing on top of lunch tables rocking rhymes to the B.T. Express, seeing Jazzy J cutting the hell out of The Sequence's "America" jam, seeing Red Alert behind the tables with Bam and them.....There is no substitute for that experience, no matter how many rap history books a person reads or how many old school disco rap 12's a person listens to...I feel lucky, word up...

14...{HHBF}....Since you are a father I have to ask you, do you censor what type of music your children listen too?

....{PMC}....Of course...My kids are 9 and 6, so really all the music they hear is what me and my wife are playing in the car....I don't want them listening to the so-called Hip Hop stations too much because the content of a lot of these songs is crazy..I guess I sound mad old, but whatever...It doesn't matter if the curses are edited out, it aint hard to fill in the blanks...The subject matter is still what it is, clean version or not....

15...{HHBF}....Thank you Phil for answering my questions, I have a million more but I don't want to jam you up too much brother....Let the people know about some of your current projects..

....{PMC}....There will definitely be some more Phil Most Chill unreleased stuff from the late 80's coming out in 2009....I did a mix featuring about an hour's worth of my unreleased songs that was supposed to come out in Japan in conjunction with a box set of Phil Most-related T-shirts, but I don't know what ever came of it...Maybe it got released in Japan and I don't even know about it...I got paid regardless, so I'm not worried one way or the other....I'm also working on new rap stuff, got a couple E.P.'s I did with Bankrupt Europeans that I guess is coming out on Traffic next year...The Philly Phil Old School Jam L.P, the Dilla beats L.P, The lil dudes don't want it L.P......Who know if anyone will ever hear that shit? And I'm still doing the THAT REAL SCHITT blog.......I'm always staying busy with something......

Well it's time to shake the spot peoples, make sure you check out Phil's blog, and that "Lo-Fi Theory" album, as well as his many other releases.......Peep

" Rakim Drops Jewels "

Check out the newest " Conspiracy Radio " show with special guest, Rakim, R.A. The Rugged Man, Mykil Myers ( remember him ), Scorzayzee, etc....

" Ra " discusses his new album, integrity, his legacy, and all types of other shit that you need to hear....



" Friday Firepower "

You gotta give it to Prodigy for being one of the most consistent shit talkers in the history of Hip Hop..I don't think any M.C. spits more greasy bars than "P"..

Out of all the joints he has released over the last five years, " Return Of The Mac " is my personal favorite.." D.J. Diggz " dropped this Pre-Mac mixtape before that album came out, and it's packed full of heaters that you might not have heard before...


Here is the playlist duke....

01. Superman and God Intro
02. Sold My Soul To The Devil ft. Big Twin (prod. by Havoc)
03. Prodigy-Interlude
04. The Rotten Apple (prod. by Alchemist)
05. Bang On Em (prod. by Alchemist)
06. Summer In New York (prod. by Sid Roams)
07. Stop Frontin (Got You Open) (prod. by Alchemist)
08. Stuck To You (prod. by Alchemist)
09. Alchemist-I Love This Shit
10. 550 Benz ft.Sam Scarfo (prod. by Alchemist)
11. If It Aint One Thing ft. DJ Absoulut,Nucci Reyo & AZ
12. Hood Rich (prod. by Havoc)
13. 7th Heaven ft. Un Pacino (prod. by Alchemist)
14. Flush the Raw ft. 50 Cent
15. Mic Check ft. 50 Cent,Havoc & St. Laz
16. The Infamous G-Unit ft. Un Pacino & Nyce (prod. by Larry Lo)
17. Bring It Back ft. Un Pacino (prod. by Havoc)
18. A Few Funerals (prod. by Havoc)
19. Brand New Shit (prod. by Alchemist)
20. Real Tight ft. 50 Cent,Havoc & Big Twin (prod. by Alchemist)
21. Blood Money (prod. by Havoc)
22. Thats Why Nigga
23. How The Thugs Play
24. Gangsta Boys ft. Mazaradi Fox (Dumbout/G-Unit) & Bynoe (Riot Squad)
25. Immortal-Interlude
26. What A Real Mobb Do pt. 2 ft. Big Twin (prod. by Alchemist)
27. Prodigy-Interlude
28. Straight Murder ft. 50 Cent (prod. by Alchemist)
29. Horror Show (prod. by Havoc)
30. I'm On It (prod. by Havoc)
31. You Aint No Gangsta ft. Havoc (prod. by Havoc)
32. Lourder (prod. by Alchemist)
33. New York Shit (prod. by Alchemist)
34. Get Clapped ft. Lloyd Banks (prod. by Havoc)
35. The New Mobb ft. Big Twin (prod. by Alchemist)
36. Got It On Smash ft. Big Twin (prod. by Sid Roams)
37. Outro


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

" Beat Junkie Radio "

This two hour "Beat Junkie" extravaganza is no joke..First off, "Mello-D " spins a set of electro cuts that will get your head right...After that, "J.Rocc" blesses us with that exclusive type steez....J.Dilla demos, unrealeased Guilty Simpson , Phife Dog demos, etc...



" KMT Slim Presents The God M.C. Rakim-The 18th "

Instead of discussing how I feel about his new album, I would rather just hit you off with this mixtape that documents some of Ra's finer moments; past, present and future...

Here is the playlist...

1. Ra…Kim the R Intro
2. It’s Been A Long Time
3. Flow Forever
4. Walk These Streets
5. Paid in Full(Coldcut Rmx)
6. In the Ghetto
7. Waiting for the World to End
8. Mystery (Who is God)
9. Holy are You
10. When I B on the Mic
11. Microphone Fiend
12. Classic(Better than I’ve Ever Been)
13. Don’t Sweat the Technique
14. I Ain’t No Joke
15. Show me Love
16. Mahogany,I’m Glad You’re Mine/ Al Green
17. Coltrane Style
18. I Know You Got Soul
19. Let the Rhythm Hit Em’
20. Guess Who’s Back
21. My Melody
22. Juice (Know the Ledge)
23. Follow the Leader
24. The 18th Letter (Always and Forever)
25. Move the Crowd
26. 7 By Nature,Mind Raised in Asia


Monday, November 16, 2009

" The Chef Invades The West Coast "

*Pic ( Big Mark, Me, Raekwon, and Planet )

Last night I went out with the crew to celebrate my man Mark's birthday...We had a motherfuckin ball...Things got a little out of control and Mark could barely stand up after a night of some heavy Hip Hop frequencies...Maybe it was all those tall Long Island Ice Teas......( This is how it all started )

We decided to go check " Raekwon " and see how he GETS IT IN these days...I have seen " Rae " numerous times, but last night he was in top form and totally wrecked the place with non-stop bangers....Dude has been in the game for over 15 years and still manages to sound hungrier than ever...( You have to respect that )

When that song " Surgical Gloves " came on it felt like the place got hit with a grenade...I liked this " Alchemist " produced joint before, but on a loud system it sounded sooooo sinister..

All in all it was a great show...Your boy hasn't lost a step....

Also big up to the opening M.C. , " Skyzoo " for holding it down as well...Check out this exclusive footage from last nights show that you won't see anywhere else except here or "FUNKWHATYAHEARD", ...

The night didn't end there for us, we headed over to the other side of the city to check out Reggae legend, " Eek A Mouse ".....

How can you front on a brother that rocks a combat helmet on stage ?....Salute to you " Eek A Mouse " for still being very original...BLAM,BLAM,BLAMZ.....

Well that's all folks....Big up to everybody that came out..ROCK ON..

" Real Live Shit "

Check out this live recording of that dirty,rotten, scoundrel " Jeru The Damaja " ripping the mic at the Notting Hill Carnival in Europe (1995)..

" Afu " pops up on the set as well...Props to " Step One "..


" R.I.P.- Derek B "

U.K. Hip Hop pioneer " Derek B " passed away this morning from a heart attack ( He was 44 years old ) ..He was the first rapper that I have ever heard from Europe.." M.T.V. Raps " used to give " Bad, Young Brother " a lot of burn back in the day and I always appreciated how hype he sounded on that track..

He was also the first U.K. artist to be signed to Russell Simmons " Rush Management Company "...

Condolences to his family .....R.I.P. Derek B ( 1965- 2009 )

" N.Y.G'Z On Deck "

I heard this a couple weeks back and I was very impressed..It looks like " N.Y.G'Z " are going to make plenty noise on D.J. Premier's " Year Round Records "...

The name of this cut is "Ready" and it's produced by "Preem"..Check in.....Peace to (D.J.P.B.)


" New Vin Rock Mixtape "

" Vin Rock " from the " Triple Threat " crew just sent me this brand spanking new mixtape to drop on your head..You already know that " V " is no fuckin joke on the decks..After years of battling it is good to see him still doing his thing...


This is what he had to say regarding his latest project ( Human Highlight Mix )....

" Well recently I was asked to put a little promo mix together by Packer Shoes for Dominique aka "The Human Highlight Film" and the 20th Anniversary release of the Reebok Pump! Anyone growing up in the 80's had a pair or had a homie who made sure his shoes were pumped before he hit the Bball court after school! I use to swear my vertical went up by at least 2 inches wearing them joints! So I put this mix together to commemorate his career and put together some tracks that were out during his time. Kind of like a soundtrack to his life and times. Bet y'all didn't know Nique was not selected to the top 50 greatest playes of all time.WTF? Somebody go wake Commissioner Stern up. Thanks to Mike at Packer shoes for making me part of this project. I feel like finding an ATL Hawks throwback jersey and tryin to slam on fools! Or an aggressive lay up....Get the free download here folks! Dj Vinroc-"The Human Highlight Film!" Mix "


Friday, November 13, 2009

" On My B-Boy Shit, Part 3 "

Even though Winter is in full effect, I'm still in a Summer time state of mind..So I decided to head over to my homeboy " D.J. Mane One's spot ( The 1520 Sedgwick Ave. D.J.'s ) to see what he had poppin on his very thorough " Super B Beat Show "....

Damnnn...They don't even play games when it comes to those breaks duke....They even invited " D.J. Groovy " from Brazil to lay down some nasty heaters....If your looking for that perfect beat to jump start your weekend, look no further...

Also the segment, " Songs You should Never Play At A B- Boy Jam " had me dying......Peace to my dudes in S.D. who keep it fresh: Mane, Daze, Nicknayme, W.S.T., Izzy, S.D.'Z's, etc....


Thursday, November 12, 2009

" Happy Anniversary "

Peace to all Z's worldwide..Every chapter, past and present .....May you all be blessed with health, guidance and prosperity..

" Sex, Drugs, Funk & Soul "

Just copped this book by Rick James, "Memoirs Of A Super Freak".....So far so good...I knew it would be filled with ill stories about partying, heavy drug abuse, and all that other wild shit, but I also wanted to find out about what made Rick tick, and his philosophies about music...

The dude was a musical genius...After the James Brown/ George Clinton era, Rick was one of the main dudes to carry the funk into the future...Here are a couple facts about Rick that you might not have known...

1...He used to be in a group with Neil Young while he lived in Toronto, Canada...

2...The reason why Rick was in Canada in the first place, was because he went A.W.O.L. after finding out he was about to be sent to Vietnam...

3...Dude had his own record label ( Stone City Records )

4...Twenty five " Top 40 " singles...

5...Six platinum records...

6...Won a Grammy when it actually meant something..

7...Recieved advances of more than a million dollars per album...

8...Served a 3 year prison sentence..

9...His real name was James Ambrose Johnson, Jr....

I could go on forever, but I don't want to spoil the book for you....You can get your own copy HERE

And to all you cats that summed up Rick's life with a catch phrase or a silly cocaine joke, you might feel differently after reading the pages of this very personal, in-depth book....R.I.P.

" Raekwon Tour Dates "

Your favorite "Chef " is currently on tour to support the success of "CL2"....If he comes through your city, you already know what time it is JACK !!!!!!!!!

I already got my ticket, you can cop one yourself HERE

November 2009
10 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
11 - Baltimore, MD - Bourbon Street
13 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
14 - Santa Clara, CA - Avalon
15 - Arcata, CA - Mazzoti's
17 - Santa Barbara, CA - Soho
18 - West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
19 - San Diego, CA - Brick by Brick
27 - Fayetteville, NC - Chocolate City

December 2009
3 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre
5 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
6 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
8 - Bloomington, IN - Bluebird Theater
9 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
10 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
11 - Columbus, OH - Alrosa Villa
12 - Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre
15 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
16 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
17 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
18 - Portland, ME - Asylum

" New Souls Of Mischief "

Those cats from the town ( Oakland ) are back with a new missile to launch at your crew...." Proper Aim " is the name of this joint and it's produced by Mr. Doo Doo Man, " Prince Paul "...

Two thumbs up..Be on the lookout for their new album "Montezuma's Revenge" when it drops later on this year..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

" Sample Source Shit, Part 4 "

What up all my beat heads out there....It's starting to get cold outside but HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is going to keep those flames sizzling ( YA HEARD ME ).....HAHAHA...

Next up to bat is this " D.J. Premier " samplefest fiesta...Over 45 minutes of heavy, crate digger treats to keep your head bobbin..



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

" Attack Of The Killer Demos "

It's good to hear " Stretch " spinning some motherfuckin Hip Hop again..( EVR-Radio )

Damn, some of these demos are harder than the joints that eventually came out..I'm not going to hit you with a bunch of wordplay, just download this one as quick as possible....

Big up to D.O.


" C.L. Smooth And Pete Rock : Live In London "

Who would ever thought that in 2009 you would see " P.R. & C.L. " clique back up ?....Hopefully they can get back in the studio and cook up some more classic material..

Check out this clip of the duo splashing up the set in London...

" Jam Master Jay Movie Trailer "

Seven years later and still no concrete suspects...What a shame.

Here is the trailer for the " Two Turntables And A Mic " movie that is set to drop in upcoming months..

Rest In Power " Jason Mizell ", you will never be forgotten...( January 21,1965-October 30, 2002 )

Friday, November 6, 2009

Battlefield Funk Radio.. (11/5/09)

Here is the footage from last night show check in jack!

" Friday Treats "

I'm in a huge hurry right now, gotta catch this plane before I miss my gig...I hope you all have a flavorful weekend..I'll be back on Monday to bless you with some more of that heat, so don't trip..

Until then, you might as well scoop up this batch of " Marley Marl " goodness...

1. Marley Marl - Hip Hop Dictionary Introduction (1:07)
2. Marley Marl feat. LL Cool J - Haters (3:50)
3. Marley Marl - Hip Hop History #1 (1:05)
4. Marley Marl feat. Common - Funk Shit (5:25)
5. Marley Marl - Hip Hop History #2 (0:57)
6. Marley Marl feat. Common - Funk Shit (Instrumental) (5:24)
7. Marley Marl - Hip Hop History #3 (1:58)
8. Marley Marl feat. Common - Funk Shit (Original) (3:03)
9. Marley Marl - Hip Hop History #4 (1:30)
10. Marley Marl feat. Co-Cheez - Time Is Money (3:22)
11. Marley Marl feat. Co-Cheez - Time Is Money (Instrumental) (3:21)
12. Marley Marl - Hip Hop Dictionary Outro (1:31)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

" Battlefield Funk Radio Tonight "

At 9 o'clock sharp we will be hitting cyberspace off with another edition of our " Battlefield Funk " radio show..We have a couple special guest D.J.'s tonight so make sure you tune in..

You know the motherfuckin drill dogz; brand spanking new cuts, below the surface sure shots, comedy routines, a ton of free giveaways, and live blends....

Big shout out to all the cats that watch on the regular...Peace..


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

" Pete Rock Takes Over The Airwaves "

Soul Brother Number One "Pete Rock" ,straight up bumrushed "Tony Touch's" Shade 45 radio show this past Tuesday with a gang of exclusives, brand new heatery, and all types of heavy shit...

Unreleased " Roc Marciano ", straight from the vaults " Slum Village " , etc, ....The show starts a little slow ( You will see what I am talking about ), but in no time things start poppin off correctly...

Your boy " P.R. " is still a monster on the beats....

Big shout out to my dude D.O. for lacing me...


" Get Your Stash Up "

If your trying to add a little bulk to your collection this winter, you might want to take heed to these words from the cats over at Crooked Tongues ....