Wednesday, July 11, 2012

" Midweek Flavors "

How can you go wrong with a set that consist of three hours and forty five minutes of strictly LARGE PROFESSOR tunes ?

DJ Wicked (who also put together the very fresh Buckwild comprehensive mix & the Bay area 90's mix) sticks to the concept formula for this monster session of Extra-P goodness..


1. The Large Professor ft. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi – “Focused Up,” Professor at Large (Fat Beats, 2012) (CD)

2. Intro with Wicked & Raymundo

3. The Large Professor – “I Justwannachill (Instrumental)” 12,” (Geffen, 1996)

4. Tragedy ft. Havoc of Mobb Deep & The Large Professor – “Da Funk Mode” 12,” (White Label, 1993)

5. Mad Skillz – “Skillz In ’95,” From Where??? (Big Beat, 1995)

6. The Large Professor – “That Bullshit,” The LP (Paul Sea Productions, 1994)

7. Akinyele – “I Luh Hur,” Vagina Diner (Interscope, 1993)

8. A Tribe Called Quest ft. The Large Professor – “Keep It Rollin’”, Midnight Marauders (Jive, 1993)

9. Gang Starr – “Gotta Get Over (Remix)” 12” (Chrysalis, 1992)

10. Mobb Deep – “Peer Pressure,” Juvenile Hell (4th & B’way, 1992)

11. Nasty Nas – “Half Time,” Zebrahead Soundtrack (Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1992)

12. Slick Rick – “It’s A Boy (Remix)” 12” (Def Jam, 1991)

13. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo ft. The Large Professor, Freddie Foxx & Ant Live – “Money In The Bank,” Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros., 1990)

14. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Streets Of New York,” Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros., 1990)

15. Eric B. & Rakim – “In The Ghetto,” Let The Rhythm Hit ’Em (MCA, 1990)

16. Main Source – “Time (Alternative Mix),” Lost Science 7” (Diggers With Gratitude, 1992)

17. Akinyele ft. DJ Rob Swift – “Checkmate,” Vagina Diner (Interscope, 1993)

18. The Large Professor – “The LP,” The LP (Paul Sea Productions, 1995)

19. Nas – “It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Remix)” 12” Promo (Columbia, 1994)

20. Common Sense ft. DJ Sinister – “Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)” 12” (Relativity, 1995)

21. The Large Professor – “The Mad Scientist” 12” (Geffen, 1996)

22. Neek The Exotic ft. The Large Professor – “Exotic’s Raw” 12” (Wastelanz, 1998)

23. Neek The Exotic – “Turn It Out (Instrumental)” 12” (Freeze, 1999)

24. Talk Break with Raymundo

25. Neek The Exotic ft. Joe Flav – “Muthafuckin Man,” Backs N’ Necks EP (Large Entertainment, 1999)

26. Slick Rick – “I Sparkle,” Wild Wild West Soundtrack (Overbrook/Interscope, 1999)

27. The Large Professor ft. Nas – “One Plus One,” The LP (Paul Sea Productions, 1996)

28. Nas ft. Biz Markie & AZ – “Understanding” 12” (White Label, 1995)

29. Mad Skillz ft. The Large Professor & Q-Tip – “Extra Abstract Skillz,” From Where??? (Big Beat, 1995)

30. Organized Konfusion ft. The Large Professor – “Stress (Remix)” 12” (Hollywood Basic, 1994)

31. Big Daddy Kane – “Niggaz Never Learn,” Looks Like A Job For… (Cold Chillin‘/Reprise, 1993)

32. Big L – “Unexpected Flava,” Lord Finesse: Rare Selections EP Vol. 1 (Underboss/No Sleep, Originally from 1992) [Co-Produced by Lord Finesse]

33. Lord Finesse – “Isn’t He Something (Extra P. Session Mix),” From The Crates To The Files…The Lost Sessions (Fat Beats, Originally from 1991)

34. The Jaz – “It’s Your Nature,” Ya Don’t Stop EP (EMI, 1991)

35. Nasty Nas – “Nas Will Prevail” (Original demo tape, 1991) (CD)

36. Intelligent Hoodlum – “Game Type,” Intelligent Hoodlum (A&M, 1990)

37. Main Source – “Snake Eyes,” Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1990)

38. Nikki D – “Your Man Is My Man,” Daddy’s Little Girl (Def Jam/Columbia, 1991)

39. MC Shan ft. Neek The Exotic, Diesel, Kool G Rap & Snow – “Pee-Nile Reunion” 12” (Livin’ Large, 1993)

40. Beastie Boys – “Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)” 12” (Capitol, 1994)

41. Leaders Of The New School – “What’s Next? (Large Professor Remix)” 12” (Elektra, 1993)

42. Akinyele ft. DJ Rob Swift – “Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo!,” Vagina Diner (Interscope, 1993)

43. Main Source – “Bootlegging,” Lost Science 7” (Diggers With Gratitude, 1992)

44. Main Source – “Atom” 12” (Actual Records, 1989)

45. Nasty Nas – “I’m A Villain” (Original demo tape, 1991) (CD)

46. Main Source ft. Nasty Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal – “Live At The Barbeque,” Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991)

47. Main Source – “Live At The Barbeque (Instrumental)” 12” Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991)

48. Outro with The Friendly Traveler, Wicked & Raymundo

49 The Large Professor on The Stretch Armstrong Show with Stretch & Bobbito on 89.9 WKCR New York (11/11/1993) (Tape)


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