Tuesday, August 9, 2011

" Tuesday Rockets "

Some people would put this mix in the "Random Rap" bracket, personally I think it belongs in the "Fresh As Fuck" category.......Turn your system up a notch, strap on your combat boots, and prepare for heavy turbulence trooper.....

"Sloppy White" does it again......DO NOT SLEEP.


1. Intro
2. L-Cee - Ace of S.P.A.D.E.
3. Def IV - Do It E-Z
4. Finnesse & Synquis - Fatal Beauty
5. Monay & DJ Cuthroat - Choke on This
6. Hot Day aka Dante - Going Straight Up
7. Gee & Jay - Got to Get Some
8. Def IV - Get Busy
9. The BTX - This Jam is Black
10. K-Cloud & MC Valentine - We Like it Hyped
11. Kid N Play - Gittin Funky
12. Too Kool Posse - Give em a Sample
13. Grand Daddy I.U. - Soul Touch
14. Blue Eyes with DJ Mink - The Law
15. A.O.K. - Shack it Up
16. 2 Deep - Groovy Thang
17. Too Brown - Jazz Keep the Beat Bumpin
18. Just Ice - Bring em Back Alive
19. DJ Chuck Chill Out & Kool Chip - I
20. Hard Knocks - Thoughts of a Negro
21. Kaos & Mystro - Timeless Insight of Kaos (Remix)



Hunter Grundman said...

dope lineup, extensive track list, fresh as fuck indeed! for more dope music check out:

Anonymous said...

Drasar,you've been killing it will the ill post lately..


Drasar Monumental said...

Thanks ya'll......I appreciate it....

Be on the lookout for the " Every Posse Get Flat " project I have brewing up.....It's fucking insane to say the least....


Anonymous said...

gems i love some old school boom bap every posse gets flat sounds like some regae stuff nuff respect alter ha

Jaz said...

Holy hell what a line up, good looking out D.