Wednesday, March 31, 2010

" Beat Tape Shit "

Beat tapes. Beat tapes, say it with me brethren...BEAT TAPES.......Everybody and their momma have a motherfuckin beat tape out kid...With this new influx of beat nerds trying to make noise, it gets harder and harder to sift through the mundane in order to find the golden nuggets...

My only problem with most of these beat tapes, is that many are lacking the explosiveness factor..For real, I find myself snoring through most of these joints..ZZZZZZZZZZZ....Try adding a couple scratches to your project, movie samples, odd segues, unpredidctable sequences and just maybe you will seperate yourself from the rest of the pack...

Anyway, let me get off my high horse and just bless ya'll with the goods...This beat tape by the M.A.W. (The 1974 E.P.) had it's moments, here are a couple beats that will make you nod your dome piece....

"Do Something"


"Channel Autumn"


" J-Dilla : Under The Radar "

"Dilla" dropped so much music that it would be impossible to track down everything that he put out...From obscure beat tapes, features, instrumental projects, and collaborations, it seems like he practically lived in the studio...

Here is a joint that you might not be up on by "T-Da Pimp"-Why You Looking Hard ?..."Dilla" produced this heat rock back in 1997...

Oh shit, this sample sounds mad familiar...I'm not quite sure what the original sample source is, but I know for a fact that L.L. Cool J rocked the same sample on a song called "Jealous" from the Walking With A Panther album....

Add this one to your stash box of "Dilla" treats cousin....R.I.P.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

" Pro - Am 2010 "

It's going down in S.F. this weekend party people....If your in the bay area and you know what time it is, you better do the right thing and CHECK IN (Ya heard me)..

Big shout out to Zulu Gremlin for lacing up the posse...See you guys on Saturday....

Get your early bird tickets HERE !!!!!

While your at it-peep this 2010 Pro Am promo.....

" Ed Lover C'mon Son 12 "

Ed Lover is back with some more shenanigans for "C'Mon Son 12"....He takes time out to roast Joe Biden, Mathew Knowles, and a couple other celebs that got caught slipping recently...

He stars off a little slow, but I promise you by mid-way you will be cracking up....

Monday, March 29, 2010

" Donald-D : The Syndicate Sniper "

For some strange reason the "Rhyme Syndicate" have been written out of the Hip Hop history books...CRAZY...How could anyone forget a 50+ plus posse that stretched from east to west, and even Europe with the signing of Hi-Jack ( The first European Hip Hop group signed to an American record label )....

Nat The Cat, Bronx Style Bob, Divine Styler, Everlast (Before he became Whitey Ford HAHAH), Domination (Haven't Heard Nothing- is one of the best Hip Hop songs ever recorded), Afrika Islam, Spinmasters, Low Profile, S.L.J. (Before he bacame Shafiq of Sa=Ra), Bango, Bilal, Hi-Jack, Tim Story, Toddy T, King-T, Lord Finesse (Remember when he was down with Syndicate management), and of course the Syndicate sniper, "Donald-D" (I know there are more members, but you get the point-the posse was large).....

They made such a huge impact on me growing up that I should really dedicate a whole entire week to the crew (I will in the near future)...Seeing this example of east-west Zulu Nation unity at an early age, taught me that fly music is not really a regional thing, it could come from virtually anywhere-even Europe..

So when that fake east-west beef popped off in the mid 90's, I knew better than to participate...Salute to the motherfuckin Rhyme Syndicate- for teaching me what a true BUMRUSH is really all about...

I recently stumbled upon this mixtape by Donald-D (Capitol 1212) that made me put on my best screwface..."D" has made quite a name for himself here and abroad over the years...I'm not sure if he is living back in the States, last I heard he was living the life over in Italy....

Do yourself a favor and scoop this up...This mixtape gets the two thumbs up !!!!!!!!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

" On The Remix Tip "

Seattle beatsmith "Bean-One" has produced for Supernatural, Boom Bap Project, I Self Devine, Source Of Labor, X-Clan, etc...Even though 2010 is barely underway, "B" has already released a couple projects; instrumental album (Short Circuit), collabo album with G.Soulo (Heroes Theme Music), and a remix album that caught me by surprise...

Here are a couple highlights ...Decent stuff poppin off, give it a listen cousin...

206 Stand the fuck up !!!!!

Crooklyn Dodgers-"Crooklyn Remix"


Nas-"Second Childhood Remix"


" Dinco-D Sighting "

It's a shame that the Leaders Of The New School disbanded after releasing only two albums...Although they weren't my favorite group in those days, I realize now that they were truly ahead of their time (They were all teenagers when they first dropped)..

After Busta Rhymes's departure, "Charlie Brown", "Milo", and "Dinco-D" stayed on the low..Every once in awhile I would hear them collaborate with other artist for singles and whatnot, but I don't think any of them ever released another full length album.

If you want to hear what Dinco-D sounds like in 2010; peep this session with "Methuzulah" over a classic D.J. Premier beat (Form Of Intellect)...

He still got it...


" Sunday Action "

Check out this new shit from Chicago's jack of all trades, Rashid Hadee..."The Specialist" will be featured on producer Nick The Wonder's upcoming album (Outside Looking In)...

Peace to my manz Big Matt & Selfish out in the "GO"..


" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 4 "

The Hip Hop Project crew have been holding down the airwaves for fifteen years...They usually combine their shows with brand new cuts alongside under appreciated 90's flavor...

Last weeks broadcast (03/20/10) will keep your ears perked up....Enjoy.

Here is the playlist-

Lungz - Skateboard G
Dj Kay Slay ft. Az, Raekwon & Ghostface - See the Light
YP - Nightmare
Smiley the Ghetto Child - I'm Legend
Diamond District - Who I Be (Remix)
Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - Nobody
Grant Parks ft Reno CHinati - Come On
Scheme ft Mikkey Halsted - Lose Your Soul
Sadat X - Turn it Up
Maja 7th ft Pugs Atomz & Juice - Major
DoItAll - Surrender
Statik Selektah ft Consequence - Life is Short
Scheme ft Emilio Rojas & Astonish - Helluva Year
Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - Mercy
Strong Arm Steady - Best of Times ft. Phonte
Self Scientific - Designer Music
Mos Def - 24 Hour Karate School
Nottz - Shine So Bright
Jake One ft. Freeway & Beanie Sigel - Stimulus Package Intro
Sheek Louch - Everyday
9th Wonder & Murs - 3:16 PT 2
Add-2 - Stop it
Statik Selektah - Come Around
Big Twins ft. Alchemist - When I Walk Away
Cormega - Rapture
De La Soul - La, La, La
Roc Marciano - Snow
Mick Luter - Bless the Bottle
Rashid Hadee - Get Mine
P Brothers - Cold World
Clipse ft Cam'Ron - Popular Demand
Primeridian - High Wednesday
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Alchemist ft Krs One - Grand Concourse Benches
Royce da 5'9" - Hood Love
Joell Ortiz - Can't You Tell
50 Cent - Tia Tell Me
Statik Selektah ft Reks - Drunken Nights
Black Moon - I Gotcha Open (Remix)
Pharcyde - Passin Me By
Nas - Take it in Blood
Lost Boyz - Renee
Beatnuts - Do You Believe?
Artifacts - Wrong Side of the Tracks
Redman - Tonights da Night
Audio 2 - Top Billin
Pace Won - I Declare War
Big Pun - You Aint a Killer
Mobb Deep - Serious
Group Home - Supa Star
Smiley the Ghetto Child - Wake Up Call
O.C. - Times Up
Ghostface - Apollo Kids
Jay-Z ft Sauce Money & Jaz-O - Bring it On
Sauce Money - Against the Grain
Slick Rick - Hey Young World
Maja 7th ft YP & GLC - Dance with the Devil
Rhymefest ft Skyzoo - Crack the Code
Scheme - Respect the Art (Remix)
Lungz - Moment to Breathe
Preast - Still Waters
Infinito - Impossible
Astonish - Impossible
Shamgod aka Danny S - Let the Music Live Through Me
Mick Luter - We Out West With it
Maja 7th ft. Mick Luter - Starving Artist
Maja 7th ft Freddie Gibbs & Mikkey Halsted - On my Own
Profound & Longshot - Its All Over
Rashid Hadee - Lock Down
Decay - Help
Pugs Atomz ft Rashid Hadee - Back Again
Add-2 - Starter Jacket


Saturday, March 27, 2010

" D.J. Pump Rocks The Disco Breaks: Re-Post "

I enjoy this mix so much that I had to post it up again...God damn, "Pump" covers a lot of ground without losing momentum..

Hip Hop Battlefield gives this joint the two thumbs up stamp of approval...


" Monster Island Czars Shit "

Out of all the Monster Island Czars- Megalon and Rodan caught my attention the most....Megalon sounded like he was on some old shoot em up, boulevard bully shit....Rodan came off like a well read, conspiracy theorist Hip Hop monster...

Why is it so hard to find info about these two on the internet ?...

I recently stumbled on a interview with " Rodan " at Urban Smarts.Com...Interesting read for a interview that happened in 2003....He discusses his problems with M.F. Doom, M.I.C., politics, and up-coming projects...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

" Raekwon: New Vatican Mixtape "

This mixtape is not exactly new-It has been on the shelf for over a year now. Thanks to D.J. Riddler for finally allowing this project to see the light of day.....

So all you Wu-heads out there; quit stalling and add this one to your stash box of Shaolin flavors.....


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

" Drasar Monumental Rocks The Remix "

Looking for beats is a daily operation over here at Hip Hop Battlefield....I don't believe in taking days off..If I'm not scanning over records to chop, I'm planning new mixes for the radio show (Battlefield Funk)...

365/247- I stay on my GRIZZLY ADAMS because this is not a joke for me....Some dudes look at Hip Hop as a hustle, some approach it from a hobby standpoint....But me, Mr. Drasar Monumental, I live and breathe this Hip Hop shit....PERIOD......

Now that we got that out of the way lets get into some DRAMA !!!!

Yeah famz- I'm going to slap you across the face with some more remix action....You already know how I get down for mines.......Explosive drums, minimalist mayhem, crazy bass waves, and all that other grimey shit ......

Strap on your combat helmets-grab some shelter and prepare for collision.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH..

Mobb Deep featuring Rakim- " Hoodlum "


" More Fire "

This compilation by D.J. Isako features a gang of under the radar cuts that even your most dedicated "golden era" type, would have a difficult time playing " Name That Tune ".....


#2, #4, #5, #7, #10, #16 & my personal favorite #18 by the " Style Masters ".......

01. Da Last Future - Evil Lulla Bye
02. Trigger Tha Gambler - Hitman For Hire (feat Smoothe Da Hustler)
03. High Side Infantry - Contact
04. Nutbuster - Bigga The Critta (feat Lord Sha & Mr. X)
05. Mr. Low Kash 'N Da Shady Bunch - Heatholders
06. Black A.G. & Quicksilver Cooley - G N Bud
07. Architects Of Intellect - Verbal Gymnastics (Elemental Remix)
08. M.A.D. - The Rope
09. I-Power - Infinite
10. Falcon & Sleepy - Lifestress
11. Black Ceasar - God Comes First Freestyle
12. Hollywood - Native New Yorker
13. The Grizzlies - Who's Rockin' Da Mic To Night
14. Mel Man - Wreck Shop
15. Another Nasty Move - It Only Takes One To Get Done
16. Moe Crazy - Mr. All A That
17. Sharpshooters - Massacre (Hallucinating Murder Mix)
18. Style Mastaz - Bring It
19. Wild Sniper - Addicted To A Dollar
20. Forces Of Nature - Bring Wreck (Remix)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

" Cold Crushing You Crumbs "

Check out these extra fresh Cold Crush Brothers tees by those "BBP" dudes....OH YEAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!

Spring time is the right around the corner so if you want to come to the cipher dipped correctly, I highly suggest one of these crispy jump offs...


" Joint Of The Day "

Vitamin D delivers the goods on the mic and on the beats for this weeks joint of the day (Real Money).....Taken from the Born Day E.P.



" New Shit On Deck "

Rhettmatic and former Athletic Mic League member " 14KT ", recently hooked up for this interesting collaboration, (Damn U) which showcases some of "K.T's" brightest moments behind the boards....

Do yourself a favor and scoop this one up...


Monday, March 22, 2010

" On My B-Boy Shit, Part 6 "

My peoples over in London " Daily Diggers " put this breakbeat extravaganza together....YES....Over an hour of B Boy pressure for your ear drums cousin....

This is what " D.D.'s " head honcho (Kid Dyno) had to say regarding this particular mix....

" This week I've been busy here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ handpicking some uptempo b-boy records perfect for the circle. Whenever I post up some b-boy beats on 45rpm there is usually a good response and some interesting comments, so let's see how you rate this little selection of floor rockers ".

Quit stalling homeboy, you better CHECK IN...


Also, nuff respect for giving me a shout out in the credits fellas HAHA...(That's what's up)

" T.D.S. Mob & D.W.S. "

Remember when Hip Hop was dangerous ?...Remember when your average perpetrator was scared to death to touch a microphone, get on the decks, or even show up at a jam ?...

It seems like those days are long gone ( Unfortunately )...When I hear ill joints like these I cant help but flashback to the days when you really had to be on point or you were in for some DRAMA !!!!!!!

The good folks over at " Diggers With Gratitude " are about to release a special T.D.S. Mob project in the near future....OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT....Accapellas, unreleased joints, and stashed-out video footage from these true Boston heavyweights....

Here is a little teaser for all of those who know what time it is....

" 4 Monday Morning Sureshots "

It's Monday morning already so you know what that means: some more Hip Hop treats for the Hip Hop Battlefield posse..I appreciate everyone that checks in on the regular....Over two years and still smashing...YEEEEAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week is going to be ridiculous so try your hardest to keep up ......

1...Roc Marciano-" M.C.'s "

WOW...This heavy piece of weaponry first appeared on the U.N. "Strength & Honor" mixtape.....Two thumbs up...


2..Ghostface & Trife-" Cocaine Trafficking "


NO-I don't condone the use or sale of the stuff at all, but this song still bangs.....Off of the " Trife " J-Love mixtape....

3...Third Sight- " Murder,Death, Kill "


I have posted this joint up before, SO WHAT....I'm going to keep posting this shit up until Third Sight get the shines that they

4...Lord Superb- " Meeting With Death "


Take a listen troop....Straight from the Superb Clientele mixtape.....

Friday, March 19, 2010

" Still Diggin "

Right now I'm right in the middle of a heavy duty digging mission....God damn, I'm catching all types of heat....So be on the lookout for more menacing beats in the near future duke....

The vinyl gods are shining their light on me today......

Peace to all my peeps in the 415..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

" Drasar Monumental Murks The Remix "

Here we go again trooper....

Another remix karate chop to your dome piece....BLAM..

I decided to flip one of Mobb Deep's more recent joints, (Put Em In Their Place) and give it the Hip Hop Battlefield treatment..Instead of going the usual shoot em up BANG BANG route, I decided to try a couple new things to keep you on your motherfuckin toes...

So check out the chops son....Cop a cool beverage, and get your mind right, I'M GOING IN...

* Play this on a fly system ...





" Blacastan Master Of Reality Mixtape "

Connecticut rhyme slinger "Blacastan" has been in the trenches for some time now..With every release he gets better on the mic device...

Take a listen to this project arranged and mixed by the Boston Bladerunner's crew (7L&Razor) if you know what's good for you...I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised after checking this out....Dope beats, aggressive bars, and a heavy dose of attitude..



" 9th Wonder Loose Joints "

I finally had the opportunity to sit down and listen to this new remix project by 9th Wonder(Loose Joints)..First off, it sounds way better than that last remix offering he dropped...Instead of hitting us off with a bunch of R&B tracks, we get the old 9th that has made a name for himself by dissecting slept-on soul gems.....

This joint by "Phaze" ( I'm Just Vibing ) produced by 9th, had me reminiscing on some early 90's, summer time, back yard boogaloo shit.....

Thank goodness Spring is right around the corner....


Monday, March 15, 2010

" Tommy Gunn Keeps It Filthy "

Megalon AKA Tommy Gunn AKA Black Jesus was once a member of M.F. Doom's old crew (Monster Island Czars)...I'm not quite sure what the status is of the crew nowadays...

Out of all the crew members, I always felt Megalon was one of the illest...His rapid fire flow is on some whole next shit.

Unfortunately little is known about this cat...He hardly does any interviews, and it seems as if he is constantly in and out of jail..If anyone has more info on him get at me..Below are a couple bangers that should make you put on your best

"Live Wirez Remix" (Gigan)

"Guns and Swordz" (Megalon & Gigan)


And while your at it check out this interview with Megalon courtesy of Ugrap.De......PEEP

" Under The Radar, Guru Series "

Here is a joint by Bald Head Slick that you might have missed. "Monster God" featuring Black Jesus....

Add this one to your Guru stash...


" Live From Headquarters 03/12/10 "

D.J. JS1 fills in for Premier this time around and does a good job by the way.....Awww man, the joint with K.R.S produced by JS1 is a god damn monster....I lost all control after I heard that..

Anyway, quit stalling and get yourself blessed famz..( Jeru the Damaja also stops by, WOW )

Here is the tracklist..

hour 1:
1 – intro – live from headqcourterz – dj premier
2 – no bullshit – dj js-1 feat krs-one prod by dj js-1
3 – biggie brooklyn freestyle (i wanna rock beat) – agallah
4 – the highst beat – large pro prod by large pro
5 – talk break 1 –
6 – in this world – reflection eternal – prod by hi tek?
7 – delilah – rakaa iriscience
8 – sho’ nuff – freeway & jake one prod by jake one
9 – hard hit – evidence prod by sid roams
10 – anti busta – computa feat mr cheeks
11 – the champion – inspectah deck
12 – rebel music – strike team (craig g & mr cheelks) w pete rock
13 – talk break 2 –
14 – radio remix – exile feat torae & rustee jux prod by marco polo
15 – organic food – planet asia & gold chain military prod by large pro
16 – project boy – joel ortiz prod by dj premier
17 – boom slap – dj js-1 feat krs-one & rahzel
18 – talk break 3 – (premier live from germany w nick javas)
19 – science – dj js-1 & jeru da damaja prod by dj js-1
20 – nobody – ruste juxx & marco polo prod by marco polo
21 – real nigga quotes – el che (rhymefest) prod by dj premier
hour # 2
22 – x and bill – sadat x feat ill bill prod by 9th wonder
23 – talk break 4 – jackson 5 caller
24 – drunken master freestyle – rahzel & jeru da damaja
25 – my hood – nutso feat royal flush & mic geronimo prod by ?
26 – devastate – jojo pellegrino prod by frank dukes
27 – hardbody – dj concept & dj mickey knox – illa ghee
28 – this one here – cold heat
29 – the agenda – brown bag allstars prod by J57
30 – the score – fashawn feat planet asia
31 – the essence – choclair
32 – i’m legend – smiley the ghetto child
33 – i am – bekay feat dj revolution prod by the alchemist
34 – talk break 5 –
35 – snow – roc marciano
36 – rappin’ excercise – khaleel feat panchi of nygz prod by premier
37 – murdered – ill bill & crooked i
38 – euphporia – rakim feat jadakiss, styles p
39 – talk break 6 –
40 – le bien, le mal – guru and mc solaar



" Drasar Slays The Remix "

Is it wrong to remix a song that Pete Rock produced ? (The World Is Yours)....It almost feels like I committed a sin by re-working one of P.R.'s classic heat rocks...

It's damn near impossible to top P.R.'s version, but this is no competition it's all about me being creative and sprinkling some dirt on Nas's vocals....

So listen up duke !!!!!

I bring the grime to the forefront on this one...NO keyboard bafoonery, NO happy textures, and NO bullshit : just pure imagination, heavy drums and black drama...



" D.J. Supreme Rocks The Decks "

This mix (Brothel & Bullies) by D.J. Supreme was inspired by movies of the 1970's....

Two thumbs up !!!!!!

You can also catch Supreme manhandling the decks alongside Skeme Richards for their " Hot Peas & Butter " live show series (March 19 NYC--Seattle April 16th--April 18th S.F.)...


" J-Rocc: Supreme Clothing Mixtape "

When it comes to fresh mixtapes "J-Rocc" is the go-to guy....You never have any idea what he is going to play, he consistently keeps it funky (regardless of what genre he flips), and he manages to display his skills without interfering with the flow and pace of the mix...

This new mix for "Supreme Clothing" is no exception....

Grab your popcorn, turn the system past ten, and hold on tight....


" Monday Morning Mayhem, Part 3 "

If you want to start off your Monday morning correctly, I highly suggest you scoop up this mixtape by the bounce master,"Doo Wop"....



Friday, March 12, 2010

" The Great Dot X "

Here is the video for "Sadat X's" song "Turn It Up" ,featuring Soul Brother #1 ,"Pete Rock".....NO making it rain, NO, rented jewelry, NO, video vixens wiggling all over the place....Just the bare basics...


" New Shit On Deck "

Yeah, I'm a couple days late on this one (Brothers are mad busy)......One time " U.N " member ,"Roc Marciano" will release his highly anticipated ,"Marcberg Season" in April on Fat Beats....

It also looks like " Roc " will be producing the majority of the album.....DOPE.....

Check out this ill joint " Thugs Prayer " .....


" Sample Source Shit, Part 8 "

I have to apologize for a couple post that didn't receive the proper quality control.....I'm not going to even call the artist out, it's my fault for assuming these particular artist would deliver the goods....From now on, no one will get any burn without me properly scanning their material ( Which I usually do )....

So for all those cats that noticed the fuckery, thanks for alerting me before things got out of hand (You know who you are)....This is Hip Hop Battlefield god damn it.....If you check my track record, you would already know we give no love to the SUCKAZ over here....

With that being said: here is some flames to jump start your Friday.....Those "Hip Hop Is Read" dudes managed to locate all of the samples for Raekwon's " Cuban Linx 2 " album....


01. North Star (Jewels) by Raekwon
*Sampled in Return of the North Star
02. Mellow Mood by Barry White
*Sampled in Return of the North Star
03. Have Mercy by Raekwon
*Sampled in Return of the North Star
04. Final Fight from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in House of Flying Daggers
05. Nobody is going to save you now from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in House of Flying Daggers
06. Eleanor Rigby by The Four Tops
*Sampled in House of Flying Daggers
07. Your basic kung fu is no good... from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in House of Flying Daggers
08. Who wants me dead? I haven't got my money...! from "The Killer"
*Sampled in Sonny's Missing
09. Exercise Run by Coleridge
*Sampled in Sonny's Missing
10. Changing Face by J.J. Band
*Sampled in Pyrex Vision
11. Shaolin faces a crisis... from "2 Champions of Shaolin"
*Sampled in Cold Outside
12. I just wish he were here... from "The Killer"
*Sampled in Cold Outside
13. Stupid fool, you're forcing me to kill you! from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in Black Mozart
14. Theme from The Godfather from "The Professionals"
*Sampled in Black Mozart
15. I've Changed by The Magictones
*Sampled in New Wu
16. Hit or Miss by Odetta
*Sampled in Penitentiary
17. Castle Walls by Styx
*Sampled in Surgical Gloves
18. First Fight from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in Broken Safety
19. Your courage will be the death of you... from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in Broken Safety
20. Stop! In the Name of Love by Margie Joseph
*Sampled in Canal Street
21. You Are Just a Living Doll by J.J. Barnes
*Sampled in Ason Jones
22. Believe In God by J Dilla
*Sampled in Ason Jones
23. You have to learn mercy... from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in Have Mercy
24. Have Mercy on Me by The East St. Louis Gospelettes
*Sampled in Have Mercy
25. You've Got the Love I Need by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
*Sampled in 10 Bricks
26. If This World Were Mine by Zulema
*Sampled in Fat Lady Sings
27. Don't disturb the doctor from "The Killer"
*Sampled in Catalina
28. Who the hell teaches you kung fu? from "Shaolin vs. Lama"
*Sampled in We Will Rob You
29. Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack
*Sampled in We Will Rob You
30. Hard Times by Baby Huey
*Sampled in We Will Rob You
31. Door to Your Heart by The Dramatics
*Sampled in Mean Streets
32. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
*Sampled in Kiss the Ring
33. Guillotine (Swordz) by Raekwon
*Sampled in Walk Wit Me


" Madlib Goes To The Motherland "

One of the hardest working men in Hip Hop is about to release an onslaught of music in 2010....

Madlib Medicine Show No. 3: Beat Konducta in Africa will be released March 23 as the third installment of the producer's one-release-a-month music series for 2010. Beat Konducta in Africa will be released as CD, 2/LP, limited 3/LP deluxe, and digitally. We have only a few of the 3LP deluxe sets left to order.



Good lookin out Stones Throw for sending me this.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

" Superb Clientele Mixtape "

Last night I took time out to listen to Lord Superb's new mixtape "Superb Clientele".....His over dramatic style had me laughing non-stop...

Below are a couple highlights....

" Superb Black's Out "--I rewinded this skit more than twenty times in a row...


" Pop Ya Collars 2 " featuring Un Pachino--Listen closely, he aims an assortment of darts at Mr. Ghostface....


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

" Lord Superb Speaks "

Fresh off of a six and a half year bid, one-time " Wu " affiliate " Lord Superb " breaks his silence....Who could forget his crazy lines on the Supreme Clientele album...

"You know how we dine, we don't eat swine/ and we don't drink wine.....If you don't bring me some cognac I'll kill you/ I cant feel you".......

That has to be one of the funniest lines I have ever heard in my motherfuckin life....Anyway, " L.S. " has a bone to pick with Ghostface Killah...He claims he wrote " GFK's " rhymes for an extended period...

When I first heard about this a couple years ago I paid it no mind, but if you really listen to " L.S.'s " rhymes on Supreme Clientele he does sound exactly like Ghost......HMMMMMMMM.

Regardless " L.S. " is crazy angry and spits pure venom on this 13 minute interview with Doggie Diamonds....You don't want to miss this one dukes....

* In the above pic-- Reakwon, Prodigy, Chip Banks (RIP) and Lord Superb...

Lord Superb Speaks On Writing For Shyheim And How He First Met Power, Ghostface Raekwon (Pt 1 of 4)

" Tuesday Remix Rockets "

I recently spotted this remix project over at the Crates Of A.G. blog....Producer " Noyland ", hails from Germany and I had absolutely no clue who he was before I decided to take a listen...

Not bad, not bad at all...Matter of fact, the Wu-Tang remix had me pushing the motherfuckin rewind button...Check in for yourself cousin...

1. redman – can´t wait (noyland remix)
2. big l – on the mic (noyland remix)
3. pudgee – checkin´out the avenue (noyland remix)
4. funkmaster flex – wu tang cream team line up (noyland remix)
5. big l – flamboyant (noyland remix)
6. house of pain – on point (noyland remix)
7. capone ´n´ noreaga – top of new york (noyland remix)


" Check The Vibe Radio Show: 02/10 "

I'm going to take you cats all the way to Germany for this one...The B.U.M.S. crew hit us off with over two hours of rare grooves, breaks, and a splash of under the radar Hip Hop...

Turn on your trusty oscillating fan, strap on your seat belts, and prepare for collision....


Herbie Mann & Bill Evans - I love you (LP Nirvana, 1964/1976, Atlantic Recordings)

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messangers - Streching (LP Reflections in Blue, 1979, Timeless Records)

Andrzej Trazkowski Quintet - Synopsis (LP Polish Jazz Vol. 4, 1965, Polskie Muza Nagrania)

The Gerald Wilson Orchestra - Mi Corazon (LP The Golden Sword, 1966, Pacific Jazz)

Johnny Lytle - Gwink (LP Close Enough For Jazz, 1969, Solid State)

Peter Appleyard - Open The Gates Of Love (LP Peter Appleyard Presents, 1977, Salisbury)

Eddie Harris - Superfluous (LP Instant Death, 1972, Atlantic Recordings)

Dave Pike Set - Raga Jeeva Swara (LP Infra Red, 1972, MPS Records/BASF)

O'Donel Levy - Never Can Say Goodbye (LP Breeding Of Mind, 1974, People)

Eje Thelin Group - Time (LP Eje Thelin Group, 1975, Caprice Records)

Jeremy Lubbock - Hazy Days (LP Golden Plains BRD 2, 197?, Bruton Music Limited)

George Muriubs - The Dolphin (LP Brazilian Tapestry, 1976, Catalyst Records)

Bob James - Blue Lick (LP Lucky Seven, 1979, Tappan Zee Records/CBS)

Placebo - Only 19 (LP 1973, 1973, CBS)

Bobby Love - Stay Away Tomorrow (LP Rare Herbs, 197?/2005, Funky Delicacies/Tuff City Records)

Hiphop Set

King Giddra - Yukue Fumei DJ Kensei Smooth Mix (CD Kage, 1996, P-Vine Records)

Blu(e) - Amnesia/In My Blue (CD Her Favorite Colour, 2009)

Deklin & Alex Almonte - Si Ridicule (CD Rize & Kronos presents Orjazzm, 2009)

Afu-Ra - Do you want it (LP OST Whole Train, 2006)

Major Stress - More and more

Sick Lyrical Damager - It's over

People Without Shoes - Evil for eternity (Remix)

Greyboy - Freestylin'

The Pharcyde - My soul

Ghetto Philharmonic - Don't bite the concept (94 Remix)

Red Hot Lover Tone - 98

Kwest The Mad Ladd - What's the reaction (Remix)

Fierce - Crab

Blahzay Blahzay - Don't let this rapshit fool ya